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Monday, July 1, 2013

Wave Goodbye to Google Reader

Well, I don't know a whole lot about blog/news readers, but for those of ya'll that use them, apparently the big favorite, GOOGLE READER, is shutting its doors today for good.  

CBS Article- Google Reader Ends Today:  Switch While You Can

Lifehacker Article- Google Reader is Shutting Down;  Here are the Best Alternatives

However, from what I understand, there are several alternatives.  I've listed a couple of the best articles I've read above (with links) that explain the change better than I ever could and offer selling points about a few other "readers" that you may want to switch over to, like Feedly and The Old Reader.

Also, you can always just "subscribe" to my blog (see sidebar where it says "Subscribe" and enter your email address) and get an email notification every time I post.  That's how I keep in touch with blogs I follow.  I'd love to get to know more about these "reader" things, so if ya'll have any tips or favorites for me, I'll take in your advice wholeheartedly!

Anyway, that's my 
Public Service Announcement 
for today!  LOL!

Keep Calm 
Read Susiestampalot On!


  1. Da plane, da plane boss LOL! Oh my, talk about flashbacks! Bloglovin' or Feedly are great options in my books and the more I play with Feedly the more I like it! You can categorize blogs you follow which is such a wonderful feature and transfer your existing Reader blogs with the click of a button - but that has to be done today!

  2. Thanks for reminding everyone...we'll hope for the best!
    PS--my gold Embossing powder is Judikins Gold Detail. Thanks for the lovely compliments!


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