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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mum's the Word and a Winner!

Well, here I am again blogging--three days in a row, trying to stay true to my word of having something every day this week to show ya'll. Again today, I have something still a little crafty, but not in my usual wheelhouse. I also have the winner from Monday's TCP Tuesday CutUps die giveaway.

Earlier this month, one of our local high school's had it's Football Homecoming, so my neighbor's son asked me to make a homecoming mum for the girl he had asked to go with him to homecoming.

The tradition is that the seniors have theirs all done up in silver and white to set them apart from the underclassmen who do theirs up in the regular school colors. I had actually made his sister a mum two years ago when she was a senior. She was sweet enough to hand this one down to her brother and I "upcycled" it, making it bigger and fuller than it was before per his request. LOL!

I added tons more streamers and ribbons with trinkets galore, their names and even feathers around the actual mum part. Those high school girls have mums so big, they have to wear them around their necks like necklaces, and that's exactly what happened here! CRAZY! Anyway, he loved it, she loved it and I killed a hot glue gun in the process. It was all good.

Ok, now for the winner of my TCP Tuesday post from The Cat's Pajamas!

CYNTHIA!!! YOU WON the Hearts Trio CutUps Die!!

Please contact me by sending me an email to with your address and I'll let Alma know so she can get that right out to you. Congratulations!

Ok kids, I'll see ya'll tomorrow with who knows what else!!

SUSIE Q-TIP: I have now made 4 of these mums and they were all different and special. If you are in the market for one, you can have them made by a florist for upwards of $300 or make it yourself for so much less. Just make sure you buy stock in stapleguns and hot glue a few years in advance. Insurance on your fingertips to pay for burns is also a plus, but not necessary as long as getting fingerprinted is superfluous.


  1. Yipee! Thanks Susan. I have sent an email with my mailing address. I don't have this Cut ups die so I'm very excited.

  2. Oh. My. Word! These crack me up. We don't have the mum thing here in California, but now I wish we did. Love that the guys wear them too!


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