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Monday, September 19, 2011

Halloween Decor--In Dollar Store Style

Well, in my bloggy absence, I reassure ya'll I have not been sitting on my laurels eating bon bons! It's been quite busy here in Lilesland--I've spent a lot of quality time with my mom since she moved in, Lindsie who had taken gymnastics since she was three switched to soccer over the summer and that is now in full swing along with Audrie who is now in her 3rd season of soccer. They LOVE it! Here's our little soccer players:

Among everything else, I was recently asked to join a once a month art group. My second "art night" was last Tuesday (I'll have my project ready to show ya'll later this week) and we made a cute Halloween project. That got me to thinking about redecorating my living room wall that was still (don't fall over) spiked with Christmas stuff and dressing it for Halloween! It was really fun planning it all with my mom and getting some direction from her. She's much better than me at the home decor, hence my leaving the Christmas stuff up for lack of any other ideas.

Here's a little before picture:

And here's another picture of the after!

First, I cleaned the chalkboard frame and wrote "boo" in orange chalk, adding a little bat to the end, reminiscent of an old SU! stamp set I once had. My mom thought a little Spanish moss was needed on our "L", so she brought that to me from her house (you'll see more of it when we get going on another project we have up our sleeves!).

The two small black frames had some Christmas patterned paper in them, so Martha Stewart came to my rescue and I switched it out for some of her paper I had from a couple of years ago. I added googly eyes to one of the owls just for fun.

It felt a little sacrilegious to take down the crosses and replace them with skeletons, but it was only in the name of art and decor. I repented that night, but feel ok that God won't be too mad at me. The black one is super glittery and the other five are small ones off of a skeleton garland (?). They are both from Dollar Tree. I cut the bats out with my Cricut and sprayed them with Marshmallow Glimmer Mist. Bending their wings while they were still wet, set them in that position and I love the dimension they give--another "mom" idea.

I grabbed some gauze at the Dollar Tree too to make the cute mummy for my tall frame that once held the "Christmas To Do List". I simply turned it over (since it was the correct size and white on the back) and wrapped the gauze around it like a bandage but a little more hap-hazardly. I have a plethora of googly eyes in all different sizes (because Carole likes them so much), so I found the biggest ones I had and tucked them into the gauze. It needed a little something orange to offset the orange framed paper, so a simple little tag cut from the Framed Greetings MFT Die-namics die did the trick and I then stamped "spooky" from an old Halloween Papertrey set I have. I kept the bird heart the same--they are now my CROWS until it's time to take down the Halloween.

Ok, so I have these four black Dollar Tree frames that I love to just change out for whatever my whim is. As of last week, they still had printables in them for the Royal Wedding party I threw for the girls when Prince William and Kate were married.

Now they have my fun "morphing" pictures (also a Dollar Tree find last year). They are vintage looking photos when you look at them one way and then change into scary ghouls when you look at them at another angle. What are those called? They have those plasic ridges. Super fun.

Ok and lastly, at the art group, Trisha, our lovely hostess had this fabulous vinyl tablecloth on her craft table and I just HAD to have one for my dining room! It's actually from Big Lots (3.50). The pumpkins--a gift I gave my mom one year for her birthday, but they totally work on here with the addition of the little skeleton plate given to me by my neighbor.

Anyway, I hope I've inspired ya'll with some cool and cheap ideas on Halloween decor or at least inspired you to also go ahead and take down the Christmas from last year. Like I mentioned before, we have another altered Halloween project we can't wait to get started on and show ya'll. It's going to be great fun to make. Want a hint? Think Amityville Horror...

SUSIE Q-TIP: If you plan on finding any decor for any holidays at your local dollar stores, I suggest you pick it up super early, as in as soon as they put it out. The good stuff goes fast as I found that out several years ago when I was on a quest to get something I had seen on a decorating blog. The Dollar Tree has had their Halloween stuff out for a few weeks now and when I went to Big Lots the other day, you could tell they were already picked over. I'm just sayin'.


  1. That is such a great idea! My favorite is the framed mummy.

  2. I LOVE your mummy! I must make one now! It won't be nearly as good as yours, but this is just awesome! Well done! :)

  3. Oh, Sus - SO FABULOUS!!! Really. I want to come live with you! Think you can squeeze one more in? ;) I love it all, especially the mummy. And just for clarification: I hate googlie eyes used IMPROPERLY (i.e. on Sprinkle; I don't even like her to have pupils. It's a thing...), and hardly anyone is able to use them properly. But you and Jen have both made exceptions to this hard & fast rule this month. BRAVO!!!


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