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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TCPTUES113--Alphalicious Summer Schedule

Well, here we are, Tuesday already. How's your summer going? It's TCP Tuesday time from The Cat's Pajamas and I'm your Hostess with the Mostess today. It's my job to issue the stamp challenge this week. Along with the end of school comes the time we as moms have to figure out things to do for and with our kids to keep them from getting too bored (even though we are going to hear about it anyway I'm sure--"Mommy, I'm bored" is what us moms like to call "white noise" and we can tune that sentence out like there's no tomorrow or jump on it like a flea on a dog and find them a chore or two to do pdq).

So when I was thinking about what stamps to choose for us to be using this week for the stamp challenge, I was in the middle of coming up with a calendar of sorts and looking up things to do this summer on the internet, to follow along with our "Summer Schedule". (See my SUSIE Q-TIP below--you don't want to miss it! It's a classic.) That's when I decided to combine my task with something fun to create and hang on the fridge and use for our summer calendar and came up with the challenge being to use your ALPHABET STAMPS from The Cat's Pajamas (obviously because I needed to for my calendar pages). You don't have to make calendar pages, it can be a card or whatever you want.

My calendar pages were totally inspired by Leigh and this calendar HERE and HERE she made a while back. I got my calendar template from My Favorite Things and you can find that HERE or HERE if you want to make something similar to my project. I just printed them on some Georgia Pacific cardstock (it's not that thick) and then cut them down a little bit to fit onto a sheet of 8.5 x 11 that I actually cut a bit off the long edge too, making it really 8.25 x 11. It just looked better to me. I used all three alphabet sets from TCP--Nightie, Babydoll and Coolvetica along with 3 other sets for decoration--Fun in the Sun, A Beary Good Year and Joyride all colored with my Copics. I kept my design really simplistic as I know these are going to get handled a lot and why re-invent the wheel?

Ok, so read on to find out how you can participate and what's in it for you regarding TCP Tuesday--trust me, you want to. Then check out what we call our "Summer Schedule". I know a lot of ya'll have adopted this routine from a few years back as well, but I thought I'd share it again for ya'll newbies to my blog.

Play along with us and add your own design to your Splitcoast Gallery using keywords TCPTUES113 or to your blog and then use the Inlink button at the bottom of the TCP Tuesday post on Alma's blog. You could be eligible to be the next Swanky Stamper of the Month and win 25 smackeroos, that's $25 in Cat's Cash. Here are the simple deets for the challenge:

1. Each a week one of The Cat Pack will host a challenge.
2. The challenges will vary {stamp, technique, color, theme, sketch, etc.}
3. You will have until the end of the month to complete the challenge.
4. Post your design using the Inlink Button at the bottom of Alma's TCPTUES post. Your design must be linked and visible to this blog post to be considered.
5. TCP stamps are not required, but of course, highly encouraged. {Unless it's for the stamp challenge}
6. There will be one winner each month. They will be deemed that month’s Swankiest Stamper and get $25 in Cat’s Cash {money to spend on the TCP site!}.
7. Only designs posted to this blog post will be considered for the Swanky Stamper.
8. The newly crowned Swanky Stamper will be announced on the First of the Month and have his/her winning entry posted on The Cat’s Pajamas website where he/she will reign for the entire month.

SUSIE Q-TIP: I'm going to do a re-run and re-post what the girls and I refer to as our "Summer Schedule". We've done this for 2 or 3 years now (notice I mention I have a 4 year old below? She's 6 now, but would still partake in swimming in the bathtub with her bathing suit on if I let her, which I totally will. Why not?). Even before school let out, the girls were already asking me if we could follow this schedule. They LOVE it! I say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

MONDAY MOVIE DAY--Pretty self-explanatory. Set child/children in front of TV and turn DVD player on. Continuous play buttons are extra handy. No really, after a busy weekend, they need down time. A couple of movies in a row won't hurt, or take them to a movie (Mondays are .50 cent days at a local theatre here), learn about a movie, make a movie.
TUESDAY TOY DAY--Don't you just love all the toys they have, but never play with (and then they complain they don't have anything TO play with?)? This is the day to say, play with the TOYS! Even outside toys are renewed when summer hits! Break out the rollerblades and bikes. Make a toy, have a puppet show, buy the toy you've promised them as a reward, build something.
WEDNESDAY WATER DAY--This one is fun. Take child/children outside and spray with water. They love it in the eyes. Get creative with this one. The obvious ones are play in a play pool, sprinkler or bathtub (seriously, my 4 year old loves to swim with her swimsuit on in the tub!). We don't have a pool, so if you don't either, take them to a waterpark or sneak over to your neighbor's pool while they are gone, making sure they don't use the dye that turns color if a potty accident occurs. This is also a good time to do science experiments that involve water or anything liquid. Read about the ocean and/or ocean animals. Potty train.
THURSDAY THOUGHTFUL DAY--You may have to force this one. The intent is to teach your kids to think of others, but the thoughtfulness concept is still an embryo until the age of 21, so keep that in mind. Today, make something for someone else, write a thank-you note, make a card for someone (who'da thunk and here's your chance to stamp), clean up something you didn't do. Make/send some flowers to a neighbor. Anything charitable or helpful toward others. The good thing about Thursday Thoughtful Day is that you get to play that card when they don't share and then they don't get the reward toy the next week on Tuesday Toy Day, totally forcing them to play with what they already have. If you're low on dough, have your radar ON for this.
FRIDAY FRIEND DAY--Farm your kids off for the day to a friend's house. If you're extra lucky, said friend will have them stay the night. Ok, if that's not possible, make Fridays a day where they get to have a friend over, or go do something with a friend. Scheduled "co-op" times between moms to take each other's kids, even for a couple of hours is greatness and majorly helpful for your sanity (remember this on Thursdays). Do I have any takers?

Seriously, this is a FUN weekly thing to follow and kids enjoy the structure of having something to look forward to. It's not imperitave that you stick to it and the activities don't even have to last all day. However, I think in the long run, you will have more time to get some stuff you want to get done if you just set that aside for a bit and share some time with them first. Only after that can you then also pull the "Now it's time for Mommy to play" card. I actually made a few of these days so that I'd have "built-in" stamping time. (But chores and laundry also have to get done--maybe I'm the one in need of a schedule!) I'd love to hear any suggestions of ideas for any of these daily things to do. If I get a lot of ideas, I will compile them here in a later post. Thanks for reading!!


  1. I want to follow your schedule and I don't even have kids!

    May I suggest the ol' coke-and-mentos "science" experiment for Wednesday Water Day? :)

  2. Susan, this was a Great post! Some very good ideas for mothers. The calendars are so cute and your writing clever. Have a great summer!

  3. Wow...beautiful idea!!! Looks great!!! Janine


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