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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Message from Sheila and Sara

Hi Everyone!

Sara (Susan’s sister) & I have hi-jacked her blog. (SHHHHHH . . . don’t tell!) Susan’s awesome hubby Eric has been battling a very aggressive form of cancer for the past few months. She’s mentioned it a few times here but in her typical “Everything’s-OK” Susan-Style, she has made it kind of sound like “no big deal”. The reality is, it IS a big deal and they could really use some help. The medical bills are starting to pile up and Eric is out of sick time at work.

If you are interested and able, donations can be made to them via PayPal using her e-mail address – Sara has also placed a donate button on the side of the blog. See, it's over there--->

If you would prefer to donate anonymously or have any questions, you may contact me at I know they would appreciate your prayers and encouragement as well!

Thanks to everyone for all the support you have provided this far!!! Eric has loved receiving all of you encouraging letters and thoughts!!

Sheila and Sara


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I will be praying for the family!

    Dear Lord--I pray for Susan and Eric. Lord, I pray that you would comfort their family and bring peace into their lives. Lord, I pray that they would turn to you for all their needs--financial, physical strength, etc. Lord, I thank you that you are a God of healing! I pray for your will upon this family. Lord, I thank you for your son, who died for us! Thank you for your love and blessings! Lord, I pray that Susan and Eric would continue to praise you in all storms! Thank you that you are with us! I ask these things in Jesus' precious name! Amen.

  2. I have so many friends battling this horrendous disease. My heart goes out to Susan and her husband. Bless you all and may the Lord give you the courage you will need in this journey.

  3. Susan is blessed to have wonderful people like you two, Sheila & Sara, in her life. I've been praying for Eric all along, and will keep it up! Hugs from me!


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