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Saturday, April 3, 2010

A {Clearly Getting Older} Sketch For You To Try

Well, it's been a busy week here in Lilesland. Lots going on with the girls and school, lots of phone calls and errands ran. Then yesterday, after I went with Eric for a blood draw, my neighbors and I were LONG overdue for a little lunch-i-poo date, so we went and had Joe's Pasta (how many of them are in YOUR neighborhood? And they aren't even related!). However, I think I'm losing my mind. When we got back, I realized I had left my front door WIDE OPEN. No, not just unlocked, OPEN, welcoming all to my empty house (oh and you know it's chock full of valuables--not!). So after a quick and kind of scary walk-thru, opening all the closets, looking under beds and pulling the shower curtains back fastly to make sure there weren't any boogie-men hiding to get me, the coast was clear. Please tell me ya'll have done the same thing (lie to me) so that I won't feel so dumb!

Ok, on to the card, before I forget to show it to ya'll! Today we have, of course, Jen's Sketch For You To Try, but I combined my efforts and made this card a Sneak Peek of a set that's coming out this week as well from My Favorite Things. It's called Clearly Sentimental About Birthdays and includes several GREAT birthday quotes and general "getting older" type quotes. Hey, I heard ya'll snicker! I know I'm getting old and losing my brain cells. Yesterday was confirmation and this is the set I chose to peek. Oh the irony. Nice.

For all the Teasers of this set and another one called Bunch of Bots, check out Kim's blog for a list and links of all the DT members showing their stuff. Then join us this Wednesday night at 8pm EST for the release party on SCS HERE. We have TWO new characters, ONE new illustrator (who is quite famous, I might add) and FIFTEEN new stamp sets! Are ya'll excited yet?

I hope ya'll are equally as excited to play in Jen's Sketch For You To Try! We'd love to have you join us. Be sure and add your creation to Jen's Slide show on her blog so we can check it out. Don't forget, she pulls the next Guest Designer of the month from those who play this month! That's what Makeesha did and she's our April Guest Designer! Also here's how my other SFYTT sisters got sketchy this week:

Amy R.
Amy S.
Amber Hight
Jenn Diercks
Megan Lock
And we have a new SFYTT chick "representing" now, too:
Sony Cristoph

SUSIE Q-TIP: Use white ink to sponge around edges, especially when the color match is a little "off" and you need to alter it. Don't ask me how I know this. I don't want to talk about it.

Eric Update: All the pathology reports we had been waiting for finally came back. However, they all agreed that Eric's cancer is unclassifiable and somewhere in between the Large B Cell and Burkitt's (the rare and really aggressive one). Our oncologist recommended it would be better to go ahead and treat it as if it's Burkitt's, just to be on the safe side and have less of a chance of it returning with a vengeance. So we were dealt the harsher hand of more rigorous chemotherapy, spinal taps (to deliver more chemo) and hospital stays, but it was a "no-brainer" choosing to follow the doctors orders. He gets his port put in on Monday at 8:15 in the morning and we will be ready to rock and roll the following week with 5 days of chemo in a row! GO GO GADGET ERIC!!

Stamps: Clearly Sentimental About Birthdays (My Favorite Things)
Paper: Kraft, Smokey Shadow, Rasberry Fizz, New Leaf, White (PTI), Regal Rose (SU!), Embossed Rasberry (Bazzill), Celebration (American Crafts)
Ink: Brilliance Graphite Black (Tsukineko), Craft White (SU!)
Accessories: Labels One Nestabilities, Cuttlebug, Sewing Machine/Thread, Paper Piercer/Mat Pack, Fiskars Star Punch, Adhesive Rhinestones, Jody Boosters
Finished Size: 5.25" Square


  1. This is so delightfully YOU, Susan!! Love how fun this is, with the bright colors and patterns. Awesome card!

  2. LOL ooohh I have had a moment or two like that too!! I didn't leave the door open but just a few weeks ago I had put my bags for the farmer's market on the chair by the front door, my friend had even reminded me not to forget my own bags aaand what do I do? Yup - left 'em right there! Oy and I'm not even 30 yet!!! So Scary!! lol
    Another beautiful card -Susan!!! Love the stars!!!

  3. Susan, saying a prayer for Eric...did the results come back from Jaffe? Love the card and hope all goes well....hugs.

  4. I can't say I've left the door WIDE open, but I've done some pretty silly stuff; if it makes you feel better, my SIL not only left her garage door open while they were away on vacation, but another time they went on a hike and on returning, found that they had left the car door wide open after taking out their gear!!!
    Anyway, great card, great tip and extra paryers for Eric too!
    Kathy Camasso

  5. Love your card Susan! You've got tons on your plate right now - I'd say leaving the door open is totally understandable. You've been on my mind lately - still praying for you and Eric and your family. (((HUGS)))

  6. You are having one of those days, too! I have been known to leave the front door open a time or two and my kids love to leave the van doors open, wide open for everything to get stolen including the entire car! LOL! Your card is amazing! Thanks for the Eric update, too! You are all in my prayers! Hugs, Kelly

  7. BEAUTIFUL card Susan! OH my word I love those stars and that sentiment is so cute!

    I'm glad the waiting is over finding out what Eric has, you guys are in my prayers as he begins his long road to recovery... BIG HUGS!

  8. Um, I'm a little embarrassed that I just realized Eric has cancer?! Now HOW did I miss that?! I think if I was dealing with all you're dealing with - I'd definitely leave the door open.


    ps - I love this card! It's so bright and happy - and it's SO true!

  9. Last week I left my garage wide open! I had previously backed in to get my groceries out and when I left the next time, I just pulled out and went.....It was kinda scary trying to remember if I really left it open or if someone else opened it! I also checked to make sure that I was by myself :) Now what would I have done if I wasn't??????

    Eric and your family is in my thoughts and prayers. The positive attitude is such an inspiration!

  10. I love your blog, and hope you can keep up with it. Your sense of humor is great! You'll need it. I have kept your family (and will continue) in prayers. They do work!

  11. Oh Bless you both!!!!! Knowing is supposed to be easier than the not knowing but damn! I am SO praying HARD for you all!!!! Take care my friend and know that you are SO totally loved and adored in my heart!!!! <3

  12. Go Eric! I can't really imagine what he's in for, my chemo sounds like a vacation in comparison. But as you say, a no brainer, you just do it! It's tough while it lasts, but in retrospect, it's so worth it.
    Take care both of you!

  13. Your card is wonderful, Susie Q! And thanks for the update on Eric. Since my DD went thru chemo and radiation, I know a lot of what y'all are going thru. (my DD is the one that lives pretty close to you and next time I come to TX to visit, I'll make sure to get in touch w/ you.) And I have a long overdue card for y'all. I really thought I had mailed it, but I found it right where I left it.

  14. Wow, what a TOUGH road ahead of Eric. At least you now know what you're facing, though...
    Thank God he has his family to help him through this incredibe challenge. God bless you all...

  15. WOW! Lots of prayers for Eric this morning.

    Your card is fab-o. Those colors are perfect and cheery. :)

  16. You are NOT the only one who has done that!! Besides, it's not like you have a lot on your mind or anything...

    I love this card! The sketch is the perfect showcase for this sentiment, and the stars and colors are fun!


  17. Boy you are an airhead, aren't you?
    Alright, I have to fess up that one day after I picked up my lunch at a fast food place when I got to my car I noticed that the windows were wide open (which I do in the summer) but the motor was running. Guess no one was particularly interested in stealing my piece of junk.
    PS - love the stars
    PPS - lots of luck for next week with Eric, I'm praying for you.

  18. Thinking of you and hope things are going okay!! Sure you are busy with Eric and the girls!! Card is the way!!

    Vickie Z (redlynny on SCS)


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