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Sunday, January 24, 2010

He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother

Well, I was pretty sure pigs were flying when my mom called and said she had decided to get a dog. After I picked myself up from falling out of my chair, I looked outside, and no, no pork in the sky. She has been thinking of doing just this for about a year off and on. Mostly off.
But she's like me...I want what I want and I want it now! Once we set our mind to getting our hands on something, we won't stop (whining for it) until we get what it is we're jones-in' for. Something clicked this weekend and the switch had been turned on...Must get dog. Must get dog now. So she found a rescue organization and they happened to have a Shih-Tsu which is exactly the kind she wanted. They apparently came highly recommended by several of her friends and even the vet she interviewed before even laying eyes on the dog, reassured her that this was the dog for her. I know for sure she wanted one that was fluffy. She doesn't like to see bony dog toes (which of course, my dog, the Rat Terrier, has).
So I'd like you to meet my new brother. Oscar. He's two years old, housebroken, crate trained, does tricks, so well behaved and is IN LOVE with my mom. He's already made himself at home in her house, taking over the ottoman, playing with his new toys and loves to ride in the car in his CARSEAT! Can we say spoiled already? He follows her around everywhere and does not like it when he can't see her (like when she takes a shower). He was startled by his reflection in the mirror too, and my mom had to reassure him he was the only dog there. Jealous much? Anyway, I just wanted to share. Oh and his toes are well hidden in all that fluff, so he's a keeper.

I'll be back tomorrow with my card for TCP Tuesday coming your way from The Cat's Pajamas. Leigh's got a great sketch for it!


  1. He's adorable. This post made me laugh. We also have a Shih Tzu and yes spoiled - and he expects it even. lol My mom is not a dog/cat person in the least but has grown attached to our dog and has said so out loud which freaks me out. lol
    Enjoy your new "brother".

    Lindastamps at gmail dot com

  2. He's completely adorable!I love dogs, and he is no exception!

  3. Oscar is adorable! That was the name of our first dog who was a doxie. You can't help but spoil a face like that:))

  4. I'm not surprised your mum fell in love with him he's a cutie.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a cutie. Glad he and your mom have hit it off so well. I'm sure he will provide her lots of wonderful company and memories.

  6. Good for your mom! Oscar is totally adorable fluff and all! I had a Shih Tzu for years and she was a really good dog and had lots of love to give. Congrats on the new addition!

  7. your brother is too cute for words!

  8. Oh Susie.. he's adorable. My om and Dad have one of those.. My lil bro's name is Sammie. He is too stinkin cute. Must be the breed Sammie can give hugs, close doors, dance and find treats in your hand by tapping the one its in.. lol My yorkie thinks he's a people so he's not interested in doing ANY tricks..


  9. OMG that dog is adorable, I would love him to pieces, with tons of kisses and hugs. I don't think I could put him down. How could anyone abandon him?
    My mother used to tell me that her dogs were better to her than her children and she called them her children with furry suits on. They never sassed her, never lied to her, and they were always happy to see her. Hmmm...she made a good point.
    And people wonder why I'm so screwed up, let's see how well you make out now that your mom has a new special sibling.

  10. Ooooh! Congrats to your Mommy! Thank you for adopting! There are so many good dogs that simply had BAD prior owners and are looking for people to love them. We adopted our furbaby about a year ago, he has enriched us with more joy than I ever imagined.

    Thanks for sharing your story! (And your art!)


  11. What a cutie!! We got a Yellow Labrador puppy in Decenber and we love having her so small - she's a real lap dog at the moment! But it's not going to last for long....!

  12. Awwww, SO adorable! Your mom and I are soul sisters. :)

  13. What a face! i want one! DEIDRE

  14. Oscar is so sweet. We adopted a Shorkie (Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix) in September. Maisy is the best dog I have ever had. Rescue dogs are the best. There is a hamburger joint in town that always slips her a strip of bacon when we get burgers. We had a queen size bed for 27 yrs. until we got Maisy. She sleeps sideways and she would push us to the edge. We now have a king size bed and everyone has a good night sleep. I wish you mom MANY happy years with Oscar.

  15. Susan, my mother got her dog from the Humane Society too -also a Shitzsu - they are WONDERFUL dogs. But it makes one wonder why someone would give such sweetness away in the frist place ...


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