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Friday, December 18, 2009

An {I'm Lame} Sketch For You To Try

Well, I'm lame. My card did not happen for today's Sketch For You to Try from Jen. I had really good intentions to use the cute TCP image with the little car carrying a Christmas tree on its back from the Kitty Christmas set. It would have been fitting for us leaving on our trip to Florida. We are actually taking a small Christmas tree with us to decorate our hotel room at Disney!

Anyway, I'm sorry I couldn't make it happen this week, ya'll! However, be sure and visit my SFYTT sister's blogs for their happy inspiration:
Amy R. (is having computer problems and may be out this week as well)
Amy S.

SUSIE Q-TIP: I was at the Dollar Tree (our local $1 store) getting some last minute gifts for all my favorite people today. (I like to go all out, you know). I came across a very interesting product. I mean the shelf was loaded with them. I wonder why? Pregnancy tests. Would YOU trust one from the DOLLAR STORE? If you are really wondering, don't you want to spend a few extra bucks and KNOW? Just for fun, I dared Jen to go buy one along with some feminine hygeine products as a joke (being already 8 months pregnant that she is) and whisper to the cashier, "I'm not sure, but I think I might be preggers". Whether she's doing it or not remains to be seen.


  1. Enjoy your trip, I would be interested to see how it goes...pondering the idea of Christmas in Disney one of these years!
    Merry Christmas

  2. Susan, I saw those at the Dollar Tree, too and said something smart a$$y about it and a girl in the store said they were actually more accurate than the more pricey ones at Wally World! Who'da thunk it?!

  3. Ok, first of all that puppy picture so cracked me up, is he/she yours??? Too cute!!!! And your story about the $ store is hilarious...hope Jen tries it out...hehehhe. Oh, and I am not a regular commenter, but wanted to wish you Happy Holidays...

  4. Lol! I think the dollar store pregnancy tests are the best! I've used them for all three of my kids! :)

  5. I laughed when I read your Susie Q-Tip....I saw it also and wondered the same thing!!!

  6. OMG! Is that your puppy? I had a beagle but we had him put down last summer because he was just oooold! I miss him alot. Been thinking about getting another.....Just wanted to say he's adorable. Merry Christmas.

  7. Did your puppy just get in trouble? It just looks so sad.

  8. LOL - you are HILARIOUS girlfriend. I am curious to know if she bought one and tried it out---then if it came out negative we'd really KNOW not to buy one from the $1 store! LOL.

    We were watching Stevie Wonder sing at Disneyworld today and I told my family, HEY! My friend Susan is prolly in the crowd right there! OH, there she IS!!! LOL - funny. Hope you are enjoying a MAGICAL CHRISTMAS together!! (We are planning a trip to D-Land in a couple months! WOOT!)


  9. Why have I not found your blog before today?!? I see myself losing lots of time on it today! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with the mouse.

  10. I check back on your blog everyday to see if you have a new post, and everyday I smile when I see this adorable little pup. He is just too stinkin'cute!

    Love your your beautiful creations. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Happy New Year!

    P.S. Your Q-Tips are the best!

  11. too funny (your tip) and I just had to comment!!! my friend is very frugal and she always used the $1 store tests (she has 3 kiddos). They were right on for all 3 AND for the 2 other times she got negative results. her dad is a OBGYN and told her all the tests are pretty much the same, just the price tag is different (and maybe some of the bells and whistles, but does that really matter when the end result is all you care about?)
    looking forward to your MFT creations!!! Happy New Year!

  12. Hey! I know how you feel. That little guy is too funny. Exactly how I feel this week, all behind in things and guilty! ;o) Wish I was as funny as you, that would make up for it. heehee. Can't wait to see more of your work & your wicked great sense of humour in 2010! Happy New Year! :o)


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