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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's TCP Tuesday!

Well, I made it to the grocery store yesterday. I went to the dreaded Wal-Mart which is a rarity for me. I really don't like that store for various reasons, but I was trying to get a little more for my money, plus I just wanted a little break from my usual trips to Albertson's. My last trip there a few days ago about did me in for them for a little bit. It was nothing they did. It's a nice store and I love that I know where everything is. Are ya'll the same way? So here's what I experienced a few days ago at Albertson's:

I had the girls with me and we were walking past the bakery area. There was a mom and her daughter (about age 12) back there looking at the cakes. The young girl grabbed a piece of the "sample" bread, took a bite of it (didn't like it) and then she put her bitten out of piece right back down on the display rack!! I was appalled, especially at the fact that she was looking me right in the eyes as she did it and her mom saw her do it and said nothing! I let the bakery lady know what happened and she took care of it. Just think if you were with your young kiddos and they happen to pick that back up and eat it without you seeing where they got it!! GROSS!!

So that happened and by that time, we were done shopping. As we walked down the aisle to get to the front of the store, I see chicken wing bones scattered all down this aisle, all over the floor and randomly on the shelves and products. It looked like someone had a buffet at the grocery store! I think they picked the paper towel aisle because, as we all know, those are quite messy. I wouldn't have been surprised if it was the same mom/daughter duo. DOUBLE GROSS!! So that got a wink to the mananger from me at that point. He just shook his head, apologized and went back there to clean it up himself. I think I'm done with that store for a little while.

Lindsie and Audrie couldn't believe that someone would do either of those things! I'm so glad they recognized that that was so wrong! Quite the teachable moment!

Ok, so enough of my rant, today is TCP TUESDAY!! Joanne, the newest girl to the Cat Pack has brought us an outstanding color combo for our challenge today. I don't have a card done yet, as I'm working on a project I need to get finished for GLUE, which ya'll will get to see very soon. Hopefully I'll get one made up a little later. Anyway, head on over to Joanne's blog for all the info on how you can be so swanky and her wonderful sample!!

SUSIE Q-TIP: Please don't use the grocery store as your buffet. The idea is to purchase your food and take it home to eat it, or at least snack on it in the car on the way home.

BONUS SUSIE Q-TIP: Sam's has lots of free samples, especially on the weekends and if you feel the need to munch while you shop, you can even probably get a whole meal out of it there, if you happen to be low on dough. However, as do most stores, they appreciate you putting your trash or unliked food items in the trash, and get this, they provide trash cans just for this reason!! The $2.48 Pizza and drink combo isn't bad, either.


  1. LMAO at your Susie-Q tip! What a story, huh?!

    Can't wait to see your GLUE project, my sweets!

  2. OMG! I cannot imagine seeing that happen and not getting onto your child for it!! Eric did that once at Whole Foods and he got quite the talking to about it and I made him get it back out and put it in the trash. I don't blame you for not wanting to go back. Love the Susie Q tips! LOL

  3. Well, I agree. But that manager should have wandered the store looking for those people too. He could have informed them they are no longer welcome to come to that store. And as much as I love little dogs, people should be taking their pets into the stores shopping, especially food stores, and that happens here - and I complain a lot. In fact, next time nothing is done about it, I'll contact the board of health about that. Bet that will get the manager's attention.

  4. You know what?!?!? I enjoy your stires ALMOST as much as I enjoy seeing the great cards you make! I was impressed with your grocery store story -- it was as if you were talking to us. Have you ever thought of doing speaking engagements -- you'd be terrific! Myself, I HATE GOING TO THE GROCERY STORE! Just making that trip is a BAD experience for me!

  5. I am so HAPPY that someone else feels the way I do! I see this in our local Walmart a lot! Two spots that are bad are the open doughnuts where people actually stop and give their children a "snack" and walk around, then they conveniently forget to tell the cashier they ate them!!! Also, they do the chicken area the same way. In my opinion, that is theft, clear and simple!! My other pet peeve in there stores are the people who stand and read the magazines at the check out & then put them back!! Buy Them!!! Ok, sorry I got off on my tangent but your email reminded me how aggravating this stuff is.
    By the way, don't even get me started on children at buffets!!
    Love your blog and look forward to more comments!! Thanks!


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