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Saturday, July 18, 2009

A {Poochie In More Ways Than One} Sketch For You To Try

Well, I'll have ya'll know that you were cracking me up with the comments about my "Bathing Suit Pursuit" from my last post, but I'm still not posing for ya'll in it. It's pretty bad when just around the same time you're having a swimsuit dilemma, you get your routine bloodwork results back from your doctor and they say my Cardio CRP is unnacceptable. I looked it up and it's not a happy thing. I'm in the "high" category for cardiac problems. EEK! (I guess this means no rides for me at 6 Flags, darn the luck and shoot a monkey!) Anyway, all in all she told me I need to go on a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet, increase my exercise (I walked around the block last night!), and start taking an Omega-3 supplement (gotta find out what that is). I've always had good intentions (don't we all) of losing weight, but now I'm just going to have to buckle down and do it. I had several good short term inspirations as to why I wanted to do this even before I got this news, such as (ahem) the bathing suit issue, I look terrible in pictures, and the fact that our Disneyworld trip is in 6 months and I don't want to be panting like a dog after walking around in the parks. So here's to gettin' back to livin' right!..."Yes, waiter, I'll have the salad with no flavor or dressing and let's get crazy and have a few raisins on the side as well. Thaaaaaaanks."

Anyway, it's Saturday and time for Jen's Sketch For You To Try. Poochie here has no high Cardio CRP, so he's out hangin' 20 and catchin' some waves. He's what you call a little sneak peek from a new set about to be released on the 22nd by The Cat's Pajamas called Fun in the Sun. That's THIS Wednesday! I've been working hard and have some super cute projects to share with this set and two others coming on the same day! As far as Jen's sketch, I did have to fudge it a little bit. I totally turned it upside down with intentions of making the circular part into a sun. Fail. Epic Fail. It's totally a flower, dude. It's still pretty gnarly, though.

Now, go catch some air with my fellow beach bunnies and see what they did with the sketch. Gidget did.
Amy R.
Amy S. is actually really and truly soakin' up the sun on a beach vacay and will be back next week! "Lucky".--Napoleon Dynamite

SUSIE Q-TIP: When figuring out your design and where stuff should all go, be sure and don't forget your sentiment placement (I think my cards look nekked without one on the front, but that's just me). Otherwise, it will look like you hadn't a clue as to what to do about it and you'll end up with a random placement of a funky little word window punch. Don't ask me how I know this. I don't want to talk about it.

Stamps: N-9670 CL Fun in the Sun (The Cat's Pajamas)
Paper: Ruby Red (SU!), Vintage Cream, Summer Sunrise (PTI), Snorkel (Cosmo Cricket)
Ink: Palette Noir (Superior)
Accessories: Labels One Nestabilities, Tiny Bubbles Embossing Folder, Cuttlebug, Circle Punch, Word Window Punch, Wavy Cutter (CM), Slice Machine/Noteworthy Card, Scor-Pal, Copic Markers, Candy Sprinkles Buttons (BT-001, TCP), Rustic Twine (PTI), Candy Sprinkles Ribbon (RB-01, TCP), Glue Dots, Jody Boosters


  1. Holy Cow!This is so bright and fun! I love all of the great details!

  2. omega 3's are fish oil supplements....they are VERY good for you. I found some at Target that don't make you burp up fish flavor. Read up on Fish Oil supps...nothing but good about them! I started working out this week, so I'm right there with ya on getting fit!

  3. Yeah, it's a flower -- but it goes with the flowers on Poochie's trunks, so it works! :) Good luck with that healthy living stuff. *sigh* I feel guilty for the big greasy Halo Burger I just ate for lunch...

  4. So super cute Susan!!! Sorry about your test results, hope you are doing ok! I am on a diet too, and it sucks, but I know it is for the best!

  5. Very cute card - love the embossed background! So sorry to hear about your bloodwork - I go for some on Monday, and am 99% sure that I'll get a chewing out from my doc! Oh well, I pay him a lot of money, he'd best not yell too loudly! lol...DO need a diet...DO need exercise, just DON'T need him to keep telling me (he's pencil thin and probably 6'3 or so...what does he know? I'm like Garfield, not overly fat, just underly tall! Have a good night!

  6. Hey Susie! I'm a Registered Dietitian so I thought I'd chime in and tell you what I do! We (DH and I) supplement with Flax Oil. We use the brand Barlean's and it can be found at any health food store. Here's what it looks like:
    We also take a fish oil and here's another link:
    That should also be readily available at a health food store. We take 2 of the flax and 1 of the fish, but you could take 2 of each. You can buy it in oil form if you drink shakes or the flax seeds can be sprinkled over cereal, salad, etc.

    Also, steer clear of ALL trans fats. Read your labels! If it says "hydrogenated" partially, full, etc. it's got trans fat--even if the front of the box says otherwise...due to some marketing ploys that some how side stepped the FDA's goal of "protecting" us. Avoiding saturated fats (butter, red meat, etc) is also very helpful to reduce your cholesterol. Blood cholesterol is increased by dietary cholesterol AND saturated fat. Email me if you have any questions. You may want to consider a good multivitamin too. :)

  7. Congrats on finding a bathing suit :D Not my favorite thing to do by any means! I swear only males install the horrible lighting in the change rooms -- no female in her right mind would put in a light that makes you cringe when you check yourself out in your potential bathing suit and every flaw, cellulite and roll gets magnified LOL! Cheers to having it over with :D

    As for the Omega 3 - it is a "good" oil. You get it from eating fish and a few other foods, but it also comes in pill form in the drug store. Best of luck with your new routine. It's hard getting going, but the results are worth it. If you need some encouragement, read Lauren Meader's (My Time) blog. She has lost about 65 pounds and has some great blog entries about her journey and what she has done to lose the weight.

    Cute card too! Love the bright colours and buttons.

  8. Wow! This card isa beautie! Love those colors, everything just pops!!!

  9. This has got to be one of my VERY favorites you have made!!!! I don't know what it is...maybe the awesome curved lines for the water or the way the sun is poking out of the corner. I don't know for sure but I LOVE THIS CARD!!!!!!


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