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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well Jen called me at 8:30 AM yesterday morning absolutely demanding I go to Cath Edvalson's blog, Moxie Fab World (she's the creative editor for PaperCrafts magazine). She wouldn't even let me tell her about something cool I saw on Betsy Veldman's blog! I figured she was wanting me to see that she had (finally) won some blog candy from her or something unrealistic like that (she never wins). So when I was finally able to get to Cath's website, I poked around and scrolled down and saw MY VERVE FATHER'S DAY "POPS FOR POP" PROJECT!! She featured me (and several of my friends) on her blog! You can find the post HERE! Be sure and leave a comment over there, saying which project is your favorite (ahem, mine..) by midnight MST on Sunday, June 21st (Father's Day!) to win a cool Moxie Fab prize! I still can't believe I'm Moxie Fab! How cool is that!?!


  1. Susan, Brandy J. here from Paper Crafts magazine. All of us at Paper Crafts are big fans of your work. Keep up the amazing designs, you Moxie Fab designer, you. :)

  2. I saw that yesterday in my Google Reader...I thought you would have known that you were being highlighted! Congrats to you! You are always FAB to me!!

  3. congrats, I loved this project when I first saw it and was thrilled to see it on Moxie Fab this a.m.

  4. Congrats, Susan! Wish I had 1/10 of the creativity you have in your little pinky finger!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS, Susan! That has GOT to be exciting! Your project totally deserves the recognition!

  6. Of course you are Moxie Fab! Your projects are wonderful!

  7. Congrats, girlie, but we already KNEW you were fab! :) I don't need ANYONE to tell me that! :)

  8. You've always been a MOXIE FAB in my book!!
    Linda Bien


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