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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Ants Get Their Marching Orders

Well, yesterday morning while fixing my daily bowl of Special K, I was near our sink in the kitchen and I saw an ant. And then I saw another and another and another. Yes, they had come marching in, one by one, we believe through a crack around the kitchen windowsill right above the sink. So we started by just mashing them, thinking there were only a few. I ate my Special K and went back in, only to find they had brought their whole family for a picnic on and around our counters! I don't ever leave food out, so I'm not quite sure what they smelled (do they have noses?) that attracted them to my lovely abode. So since they weren't retreating any time soon, of course we grabbed for our handy dandy can of "Country Fresh" scented can of spray ant killer. We sprayed it all around, killing a few and then resprayed each one individually off and on all day each time we saw a "new face". Eric also went to Home Depot and picked up some ant hotels, but they never got to "check in" for their little vacation, as they were so overpowered by the "country fresh" air that they decided being outside instead of in was a better deal. They had their marching orders. I told them to jump and they said, "How high?".

Coincedence that this card is perfect for this post? Totally. I did this one a few days ago before the invasion for the My Favorite Things release. This is actually a "Who's That Girl?" set called Let's Picnic. It includes our favorite lady having a picnic, some food items and these little ants. This was the first card that came to mind when I saw the set! So maybe it was just a glimpse as to what was to come! Maybe I jinxed myself. I hope you don't have any qualms about making your own little "Moveable Feast" card. I'm sure it won't bring you the same karma. (I don't believe in that kind of stuff anyway. However, I'm certainly glad (Hoorah, hoorah!) 'they all went marching (back) down, to the ground, to get out, of the rain, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom...'

SUSIE Q-TIP: How do you keep your white scraps stored so that they are ready to thumb through for your next card? I just keep a little square tupperware dish on the corner of my desk that holds all my white, vanilla and confetti white pieces and scraps. If I have one a little to large to put in there, I go ahead and cut it into a smaller piece. I will eventually use it. I also have extra white circles in there already cut for a jump start on my next project needing a circular panel.

Stamps: Let's Picnic (MFT)
Paper: White, Pure Poppy (PTI), Tea Party (Imaginisce), Chloe's Closet (MM)
Ink: Palette Noir (Superior)
Accessories: Scallop Rectangle Nestabilities, Cuttlebug, Sewing Machine, Brown Thread, Red/White Gingham Ribbon, Copic Markers, Button (MFT), Hemp Twine, Glue Dot, Jody Boosters


  1. What a cute card!! I know what the "invasion" was all about .... they just wanted to see their friends featured on one of your cards as it was a big honor for them!!! Whatdoyathink?

  2. This is so cute Susie. Ants go at any picnic! Ugh!

  3. Beautiful card! :) Love it! That ribbon is the perfect touch! :)


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