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Saturday, May 23, 2009

These Things Are In My Way, But Not For Long

Edited to Add: These things are already sold!! Stay tuned as I hope to have more stuff on here for sale soon.

Well, I've been meaning to get around to going through all my stuff more thoroughly, but this is as far as I've gotten. I know. Pretty bad. I started this pile on the floor and now I'm tired of stepping over it/moving it to get to other things. So I'm going ahead and putting them up for sale here in hopes that I don't bust my butt on them first as I'm not that coordinated.

Since I use Nestabilities now for all my shaped die cuts, I have no need for these punches. It's the coveted Giga Scallop Square and Giga Scallop Circle Punches from Marvy. They are going for $10 each, or $18 for both. You pay shipping, $5.

I have never used wheel stamps and don't ever intend to. I think someone gave these to me and there they have sat. It's 2 regular handles from Stampin' Up! and these three wheels. No, I don't know the names of them. Take all of it for $5. You pay shipping, $3.

If you decide to take the whole shootin' match (please), you can have the lot for $25, and I'll cover the rest of the shipping cost (USA only). This will be on a first come, first serve basis. I'll take paypal only. If interested, please email me. You'll find the link to the right. Yep. Over there.


  1. LOL! Sounds like you've got the same problem that I do only I keep buying things and don't know where to put them. I'd love to have the Nestabilities but at this stage in my life I can't afford to replace what I've got. I would be interested in buying your punches. I don't have the scalloped square but I do have the Mega circle. Let me know how you would like to work this sale.

  2. Susan, I do have a PayPal account so won't be a problem, however, the color of the punches looks blue which is the "Super" size. The "Giga" punches are lavendar. Definitely intereste if they are lavendar.

  3. Thought I'd posted to this once. You just can't tell with computers. I would be interested in buying the punchs from you if they are lavendar in color (Giga). They appear blue which is the Super size. I'll have to put them on my floor until I can find someplace for them LOL. Please advise

  4. I'll take the wheels and handles. Let me know if I got them and I'll do the Paypal.

  5. I'll take the handles and wheels. If I got them, let me know what to use for the paypal. Thanks.


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