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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Quickie Ornament (Once You Get Unstuck)

Well, today I am excited to share this SUPER EASY Christmas ornament that even YOU can make (once you get unstuck). A while back, I entered a contest on the Queen & Company blog and I happened to win a whole TON of this Queen & Company Felt Fusion stuff. It's really cool and I got all sorts of designs. I've found I don't use it much in cardmaking as I think it's geared more for scrapbooking, but I really love it nonetheless. Anyway, I can't remember where or if I saw this idea somewhere else, but I decided to see if it would work. It did (once I got unstuck). I think that's why they call it self adhesive. It sticks all over to myself. Here's what I did:

I "eyeballed it" and cut a piece of the felt big enough to go around the glass ornament. I laid it flat, adhesive side up on my desk. Here's where it got tricky. You see, it's got a backing on it that you have to peel off. It's a little tough, but once you get it started and as long as you are careful, you can do it and not have it get all stuck together. But then I got stuck. Literally. I had it sticking to the very tippy tip of my finger, but then I tried to get it off with my other finger and got stuck there. Then I tried using my Paper Piercer. It got stuck then I got stuck trying to get it unstuck. Ok, so finally I was able to free myself and everything from it. (It was almost like *something you flick* but it never leaves if you get my drift.) I then sat the ornament in the center of the sticky on it's side and pretty much just rolled it and then "guided" the rest of it to stick around the ball. I filled it with tinsel, tied a ribbon and that little tag and the tiny jingle bell on it and I was done! So if you can imagine, it went really quick (once I got unstuck)! I hope to make more of these even though it does require a little "self-adhesion"!

Be sure and catch my last post if you haven't already and enter to win my BLOG CANDY!!

SUSIE Q-TIP: I'd tell you one, but it's a sticky subject.

Stamps: None
Paper: None
Ink: None
Accessories: Clear Glass Ball Ornament (Michael's), Felt Fusion (Queen & Co.), Silver Tinsel (Hallmark), Dark Brown Satin Ribbon (Michael's), Gold Safety Pin, Sweets St. Nick Epoxy Tags (Making Memories), Tiny Jingle Bell


  1. I am ROFL picturing you doing this! It's like the red part from tacky tape - stays with you forever! LOVE the ornament! I think I'm going to do my tree in red & brown next year so this "spoke" to me. Fabulous idea - as always :)

  2. I have a "flickering" idea of what you're referring to ....... something all of us Moms go thru with our children!!! This is really a cute ornament and I'm sure will be lost on your tree as it will have a special placement.
    Linda L Bien (SCS name)

  3. I always wondered what else you could do with that felt! That story was tooo funny btw!! I can picture it because it's happened to me when I use redline tape!! Can's seem to get the darn tape off and when you do the tape gets stuck to your fingers or anything else that is near it!! Thanks for the chuckle!

  4. Adorable ornament! I have some of the felt self adhesive stuff too and YES, it's really sticky... LOL! It gives such a great look though. Smiles! :)


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