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Monday, October 20, 2008

Slowly, but Surely

I'm slowly, but surely getting back into the swing of things around here since Audrie's surgery. She did awesome and is mostly fully recovered. I still see her take a few minutes to straighten after bending over, but other than that, she is "rarin' to go" and cannot wait to be able to play and jump on the trampoline! No stamping has been happening here either other than a little card I did tonight (Monday) and I plan on posting it a little later today (Tuesday), so stay tuned!! For now, be sure and check out my little "tweak" my sister, Sara of Sara's Tweaks and Designs, did to my blog banner! Ya'll like pink pumpkins with orange polkadots, don't you? They're pretty rare and very organic. I'll be back later with my card.....


  1. Hmmm...I should really post ALL your seasonal banners on my blog!! I never have done that!!!!

  2. Hummmmmm!! If it's pumpkins for Susan, it's GOT to be pink in there somewhere ... and if it has orange polka dots, the better it is. Sara did a great job (not surprising) on the new banner. Glad to hear little Audrie is doing well.
    Linda L Bien (SCS name)
    (otherwise known as your Mommy)

  3. Your blog banner is just too, too cute! Sara does great work, doesn't she? :-)

  4. I really like the banner tweak. Glad Audrie is doing okay!


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