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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I almost forgot to announce the winner of my BLOG CANDY, the At a Snail's Pace set from Storage Units, Ink and More!! Ya'll have to remind me of these things (41, remember?) The lucky ducky winner is: GAIL S.!!!!! She apparently LOVES calf fries (just kidding). I had so much fun reading all the comments of all the weird food people have tried. You really should go back and read some of them...YUCK-O!
Oh, and wanna know what I've had? Obviously, escargot, but also frog legs, alligator tail, calimari, cow tongue, tripe, deer, snake, shark, pidgeon, rabbit, duck and squirrel (tastes like chicken!). I can say, too that I don't think I'll be eating any of the above in the near future!! (except calimari--it's SO good fried!) Here's what Gail had to say:

Cute card!!The weirdest food I have tasted are bull fries (bull testicles) or turkey fries (turkey you know whats!) They were okay but I couldn't get over what they are so I only tried them once! P.S. We live in ranch country...that's why we have them! Gail S.

I didn't know turkeys had "you know whats"!!? Gail, please explain when you send me your address. You can find my email addy on the right-hand sidebar. I will then forward it to Denise at SUINK and that ESCARGOT will go POSTAL!!

Thanks to everyone that entered!! I have more blog candy planned to give away very very soon!!!


  1. You ate what????? lol
    "Congrats" Gail!!

  2. =) CONGRATS GAIL!! On both winning the SNAIL stamps set--woohoo--AND for your courage to eat those icky thingies!! LOL. You're brave!!

    Susan, I love your blog, and so I've got an award for you on my blog. If you've already received it, fine--at least I've linked my readers to your awesome blog!!


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