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Monday, July 7, 2008

Wanna See In My Drawers?

A few of you have expressed interest in seeing what my "craft room" looks like, especially since I have a small space and not so much a dedicated room. This is actually our bedroom, and I take up an entire wall with 2 repurposed desks and an Elfa Storage Cart. Then on another wall, I have a small armoire stuffed full! So today I did a little dusting (it stays pretty clean, actually) and just removed my Franklin planner and some magazines that needed a shove anyway and took a few pictures (actually there are a lot, so bear with me!). So here you go--even a peek into my drawers!! Mercy!! If you have any questions or just want to know what else I have hidden away, just ask!! Wanna know what's in my fridge, too? wink! (Be sure and read all the way down as I have descriptions throughout. You can also click on the pics to enlarge them!)
Sorry for the choppy layout of this post, I just could not get it to all line up right with text! Sara, help!! But really--nbd! Keep reading for more info! So the ink holder on the wall is an old cassette tape holder I repurposed and spray painted white from my hubby's bachelor days! The blue desk is a solid maple desk that used to belong to my sisters and they used it for homework. I put a crackle finish on it a while back and I painted whimsical features all over it, but you can't see them anymore with the way I have to have it situated. The Elfa cart is from the Container Store and was a gift. It's on wheels for easy movement and cleaning. The little hook thing to the right of my desk is for my CM cutting system, my heat gun and MP3 player. On top of the Elfa cart is my Cricut, Cuttlebug and HP Photo Printer (I LOVE that thing for a quick photo project!) The white desk is a find that I am super happy with--I got it at a garage sale for $10! I only did a little touchup painting on it (it had a few rubons across the top drawer), but kept it the same otherwise! The little strip with all my scissors and tools is from Ikea and the "Create" sign was a gift from my best friend (beastie)! I think she got it at Hobby Lobby, if you're interested in one! See my Fiskars cutting mat on my desk? That's what I posted about in one of my tips a while back--it's greatness!My drawers are full and not always neat, but you can see where/how I store my cardstock. It's actually in the 2 larger bottom drawers of the blue desk in some little desktop file holders also from the Container Store. I wish I had more room for a full size paper sorter like the ones for offices, but this will have to do until I graduate into a full craft room. Someday.........:) Please let me know if you have any questions or want to know more about "how I work"! I love organizey stuff, so I won't be offended at all!

TIP: Keep small pieces of white, cream and watercolor cardstock very handy. Most of the time you can use these for your next card image or only have to cut them down a bit. This will save paper! Mine are located just "out" on the Elfa Cart to the right of my desk. See them up there in one of those photos?

Tomorrow I will have the rest of my MFT stuff to show you! Thanks for checking in on me and I hope I didn't bore you here!!


  1. It's fun to see where all the "magic" happens. :-) And that create sign is indeed from Hobby Lobby - I have the same one!

  2. Your stamp space is so cute! I love the color on your walls. :)

  3. my stamp "room" is in a corner of our master bedroom too, thanks for sharing, you may have inspired me to get better organized, thanks

  4. Wow, it all looks great, Susie!!! I absolutely LOVE the color on your walls! Is that More Mustard?? I'm going back to look at more of the details ~~ I posted before & after pictures on my blog, it doesn't look nearly as nice as yours though. Part of my problem is the wall color ~~~ definitely must get that painted, it makes a big difference!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. I love your use of the wall space! TFS

  6. I LOVE how you've organized your space! It's always so fun to see how others figure out the best configuration of all the stuff they have. I've done and redone my space so many times, it's ridiculous! But I love what you've done, and I will definitely steal some of your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Susie,

    What an incredible (and clean) space! You would die if you saw mine right now. It's total chaos! :-)

  8. What a beautiful space you have! I love the tip about the white/cream papers. I have mine behind me in a folder, but I think I'll put them somewhere more handy soon.

  9.'ve got a lot going on in yours drawers !!! I wish I had that much action in my drawers...hehehe !!! Thanks for sharing your space, Susan :)

    Have a great day
    Corinne (aka Roxy)

  10. Its so neat and tidy! I am so impressed! Looks cozy!


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