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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

FINALLY!!! (i'm back)

Well, I have to say first and foremost---I MISSED Ya'll!! My brother-in-law, Kevin who works for Microsoft performed delicate surgery and brought my computer back to life!! It did have a minor complication that we are going to work on in the next few days (my camera won't upload pictures through its USB port), but other than that, I am VERY thankful to have such a talented guy in our family!! Thanks SO MUCH for being patient with me, but I hope to be back in full swing vewy vewy soon. So, here's a couple more cards for My Favorite Things that I already had on the ol' hard drive. OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT TO TELL YOU---I was asked to be a member of the My Favorite Things Design Team!! I am super pumped about it (where are those shoe stamps when you need them?) and can't wait to get started, so look for more MFT stuff from me real soon! Yippee Skippee, I've always aspired to be on Kim's team and now I can't believe I'm among such talent!! I still can't get over it, can you tell? Teehee! Onto these two cute cards, using the same layout and general idea.
The first one is a twin baby card. Did ya'll know my sisters are twins? Sara and Nancy and they are fraternal and nine years younger than me. You've heard of Sara (Tweaks and Designs), but Nancy has been in the shadows stamping when she can and falling in love with it. She will have a blog soon and I can't wait to introduce you to her. So I thought of them the whole time I was making this one and as a matter of fact, their birthdays are this Friday the 13th (not skeeeeered!). Head on over to Sara's blog and show her some love! Speaking of having a blog....before the death of my computer, I set up a blog for my daughter, Lindsie. Check her out at LINDSIELEARNSALOT. She wants to be like me and I think that's just fine! My ulterior motive: It may actually curb her wanting a MySpace in the future! What do you think? Anyway, I think it will be good for her writing skills, too! Then when she graduates, I can make her a card like this one! I made this for my neighbor across the street's daughter who graduated last Saturday. Yay, Monica!!
I took several pictures of this one. This to show you the embossed gold (the twins card is embossed in white), and the plain one because I thought it looked pretty decent just plain, in case you need a quickie card! The colors are for our high school and matched perfectly! I left off the piercing "trails" and chose to use the black organdy ribbon instead of the polka dots for a more "mature" look. I think she liked it, but what really mattered was she found inside ($)!!
I'll hopefully be back soon to share more that I've stockpiled since the "demise".

TIP: To fill in "lost space", pierce a random curvy trail (I don't have a template, I just went with the flow here) in your cardstock to move the eye around the entirety of your card.

I'm out of time, so I hope to get the "recipe" details posted a little later. I just really needed to "talk" to ya'll!!


  1. I love these cards! Now I want that congrats spiral.(Its always something.)
    And a BIG congrats to you on the MFT design team! Such a big shot now!! proud...sniff

  2. Absolutely LOVE your baby card. You are really creative and talented!

  3. These cards are wonderful, and congrats on the design team invite. I love MFT stamps. Cannot wait to see all the fun and exciting things you come up with!!

  4. Congrats on making the DT! :) Woohoo!!!

  5. Congrats on being back online and on the MFT design team!! You are a perfect match for their whimsical designs ;) . Love your blog!!

  6. Yeah!! Glad you are back and thanks to your talented bil, Congrat to you!!

  7. I am absolutely blown away everytime I look at your cards! Every one of them are so awesome. You have a very special talent. I worked with 2 friends today trying to create a "Save The Date" card for a wedding and we spent 5 hours and still didn't finish.

  8. SEE...I KNEW you could do it!! DESIGN TEAM MAMMA IN DA HOUSE!! LOL. Awesome news. Nice grad card. Hugs

  9. you are one smart mama!! i hope i'm that smart as my son grows older.


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