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Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hey everyone, what a fun time we had at the MFT party last night! My head is still reeling...that was a FAST MOVING thread!! I think I dreamed about pressing the F5 button all night!! However, I think I killed my computer along the way! This morning it would not even turn on. So here I am at the Watauga Public Library reading my 40000 emails (ok, it was only 50) and sending ya'll out this little note. It may be a bit before I can figure out what's wrong. Has anyone ever experienced this before? Well, I guess you can't email me and tell me, now can you, cause I won't see it! I tried turning the surge protector off and then on, made sure all my wiring was nice a snug. But no!! It refuses!! Do I have to get a whole new computer? And then how will I get my stuff off the dead one. Please let there still be stuff on the dead one. Anyway, I hope to get back on soon. I may come back to the library either tonight or tomorrow if I don't have any luck. It may be a trip to Best Buy is in my future. HEEELLLPPPP!!!! Don't abandon me, have patience!! Love, sus

PS...I will be at the Great American Scrapbook Convention on Saturday from about 9-3 regardless of what my dumb ol' computer does! Will I see you there? Hope so!


  1. It sounds like it is likely the power supply, what model computer do you own?


  2. I hope you get it all fixed soon!! I would be beside myself!! Can't wait to see you back in action!!


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