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Thursday, May 22, 2008

How to Make a Diaper Cake, Part Two

Ok, thanks for being patient with my little blunder! Like I mentioned below, because of camera issues (mostly camera user issues), I was not able to take any step by step pictures of how I completed the decorating of the Diaper Cake that I offered the tutorial on HERE in this post. So I'm just going to give you brief step by step instructions on what I did. Keep in mind, nothing set in stone or scientific here! This is the fun part--go WILD! Read on.....:)


Paper--I use 2-3 Coordinating Designer Papers (a 12x12 sheet is plenty) and a Solid that matches
Chipboard Letters--I spelled out "baby" here, but you could also do baby's name
Topper--Anything you like to carry out your theme
Decorations--Again following whatever theme you want. Here I used cupcake picks found in the cake decorating section at Michael's
Jump Rings--the kind for jewelry to connect the letters or whatever else you want to use to connect them with (more ribbon?)
Terrifically Tacky Tape (Provo Craft)
Glue Dots

1. Cut strips of the solid paper 2" wide for the base of the bands. You will have to glue strips end to end to meet. I needed approxiamately 88 inches total length and this includes a little leeway:
Top- 18"
Middle- 29-30"
Bottom- 39-40"

2. Cut strips of the patterned paper 1 1/2" wide and glue on top of 2" strips.

3. Attach bands around each cake layer with the Tacky Tape, pulling paper snugly around diapers so that it doesn't bulge or get too loose.

4. Punch holes in the Chipboard Letters and connect them with the jump rings/ribbon or whatever you came up with. Tie ribbons at each connection and decorate letters with buttons using glue dots. I attached the "banner" by tying the top ribbon to the little lion pick and just slipped it behind the top layer's paper band. It's totally removeable!

5. Decorate other paper bands with random buttons or decor (flowers for girls are perfect!). The little wild animal picks I used here are simply stuck down in between the diapers and use no glue to hold them. You want the diapers to be completely usable, so you don't want a bunch of stuff glued to them.

6. Add the "Topper". In this case, I just picked up a little stuffed lion at Target for 2.99 (It had to be a lion because we just saw Narnia, Prince Caspian--LOL! Awesome movie!) Again, he is not stuck down, although I think a couple of glue dots wouldn't hurt it.

That's it!! Easy Peasy!! Thanks for all the nice comments you've left regarding my tutorial (even some of you lurkers came out of hiding! I'm impressed...don't be a stranger!). I hope you like this one. I have all girls, so you will have to excuse my lack of having a "good eye" for boy stuff!!!


  1. Sus!

    These diaper cakes are getting a little wild, is right! Could this *be* any cuter?! I think not!


    Thanks for stopping by my blog Ü

  2. Susie,

    This diaper cake makes me want to have another baby just so I can invite you to my shower and get one of these uber cute creations of yours. YOU ROCK!!

  3. Awesome tut! Thanks! Am giving a baby shower in 2 weeks. This will make a great center piece. Very cute and fun

  4. Okay, I'm a lurker, but I had to tell you that I am so grateful for your tutorial!! I've been wanting directions for making one of these, and you provided great step by step instructions. THANKS!

  5. Rita linked you as she made a diaper cake from your tutorial! Great tutorial Susie! Thanks so much!!

  6. I made a diaper cake thanks to your tutorial, which was easy to follow by the way! Check it out.

    Thanks again!

  7. I love your cake. I am going to make one for our neighbor next week. If it turns out I will send you a picture. Thank you so much for your help and wonderful directions.

  8. Another lurker here. Just had to tell you that your tutorial is the BEST. I just made my first diaper cake and it turned out great, thanks to your detailed instructions! Thank you so much!

  9. Thanks so much for the easy tips!!
    You are GREAT!! I think I can do it!

  10. Hi Susie! I found your blog when I googled diaper cakes, and oh man, this was such a huge help! I was able to make a gorgeous cake thanks to your tutorial, and I appreciate it so much!

  11. These are so pretty and are a HUGE hit at baby showers! I really think I might be able to make this myself thanks to your step by step instructions! Thanks!
    Kelly D. - secrets_girl23(at)yahoo(dot)com (aka) dkad23(at)gmail(dot)com

  12. My wife is always looking for a way to make a splash without a lot of cash. This is perfect for her.
    rslebron at live dot com

  13. Wow I just love how you incorporated paper crafting into diaper cakes! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I'm planning to make one this weekend and plan to use your ideas as a guideline. Thanks so much!

    I also posted a link to your tutorial on my blog here:

    Thanks again!

  14. Great ideas, to make a diaper cake, is easy with your tips. Thank you for sharing

  15. These tutorials are awesome! I'm going to give this a shot for my sister's shower. I really want to do this myself for her. She has had some difficult times with her pregnancy. These tutorials are by far the best I've found online! Thanks so much!

  16. Your lion diaper cake is completely adorable!

  17. This tutorial was a big help in making my first diaper cake. For the most part it was fairly easy. I did have some issues trying to get the decorative paper to stay on the cake. I decided to use ribbon instead. Also, I couldn't find chipboard letters anywhere (crazy, huh?), so I found some other letters to use.

    Here it is:

    Everyone at the shower loved the cake!


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