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Friday, April 18, 2008

Thank You, Drive Through!

Well, last night we were expecting BIG weather with lots of rain, hail and tornados. Here's all you have to do if you don't want to get hit with any of it the next time you're caught up in a storm.... Just like leaving the babysitter all the info and nothing happens, but if you don't, inevitably we think something will. Just like waiting for a table at a restaurant, someone in your party lights up a cigarette and inevitably, you are immediately called to your table. Pulling your car into the garage during threatening weather guarantees it will pass with no consequence. Not that I'm upset we didn't get anything, but sure was a lot of work at 8:30 at night for a lot of nothin'!!! I frantically cleared one side of our garage all by myself (grunting and straining loud enough for the neighbor to hear me and come help push some old laminate flooring out of the way), making things topple over and break and pulled the car into it!! Yes, folks, that was me last night, but look!! It fit! Our house was built in 1988 with a double door garage. I don't think they made SUV's quite that big then, so this puppy barely fits!! This is literally about a foot from the door leading out into the garage and I pulled it up to within an inch of the file cabinet (that hideous cow print thing--now you know why it's in the garage) just to get the back end all the way in! Like I said, I'm glad it passed with nothing but a lot of wind and sirens going off. I hope you fared the same, my friends.

On another note, I've been meaning to post a tag and an award I was given not too long ago. Laura, over at Scrapnextras nominated me for an Arte de Pico award shortly after we were introduced as new designers for Verve Visual. I have no idea what that means, but I assume it has to do with creativity and the bottom line...She likes me, she really likes me!!!! She mentioned the "TIPS" section of my posts are great. Do ya'll really like those? I will keep doing them if you do. Thanks, Laura!

Then I was also tagged by a friend of mine, Angie of Craft Crazy. Here's the deets: Share 7 random thoughts and pick more people to do the same...Leave me a comment of your 7 random things, so I don't have to pick, pleeeease!! It's fun to see what other people are thinking!! So here's mine:
1. I like to sit on the porch and watch and smell the rain, even if it's pouring. (I did this last night.)
2. I don't like tomatoes.
3. My closet door HAS to be shut before going to bed. (that way, if someone is hiding in there, I'll at least hear the door open before they get me!)
4. Favorite song of all time is Hotel California played loudly so I can sing.
5. I'm excited about Grey's Anatomy starting back up next Thursday.
6. I have a black shirt on.
7. I should be crafting rather than doing this. So should you.

TIP: I think we covered that in the post for today.

Stay tuned for Jen's sketch for tomorrow....It's so good, I made 2 cards for it!!!


  1. So glad you didn't get the bad weather! I had to chuckle at your #7!! Have a nice weekend!

  2. SHEESH!!! Now, Susie, that IS a tight Funny though! You should see how "tight" they parallel park in NYC...oh man is it crazy...I look forward to parking lots SOOOON!

  3. When I first saw the pictures, I thought someone had crashed through your garage! Glad to know that's not the case! lol!


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