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Monday, February 18, 2008

Fat-Free, Sugar-Free Ice Cream is Just Not Worth It

So today, I started up my diet again. I've been doing pretty good to get back in the habit of eating healthier, but today started back "on plan" with portions and corrected servings of each type of food (protein, veggies, fruit, etc.). Believe it or not, you actually eat more that way! Audrie and I went to the store this morning (among about 12 other places) and bought several healthy choices, or so I thought. One of which was some Blue Bunny Fat-Free, Sugar-Free, Brownie Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream. Now, I am not knocking other FF and SF products--I love FF Hidden Valley Ranch, use Splenda a lot and even FF Crackers and SF Coffee Creamer. However, I'm thinking the combination of the two, negates any hope of good flavor. It has such a diet taste to it, that I'd rather have some raisins or something and pretend they are gummy bears! It has got to be the most awefullest tasting ice cream I've ever had!! But here's the dilemma--Next time, what do I do? Pick just the Sugar-Free version or just the Fat-Free version? Any dieticians out there who can answer which is best to get and still have any semblance of ice cream goodness? (the lesser of 2 evils, I know, but, 1/2 cup counts as a dairy and a starch!) Anyway, on to something a little sweeter....Remember me telling y'all how far behind I was in posting stuff to show you? Well here is installment one of that barrage o'stuff! This is an altered journal I picked up at Michael's (HI, BETH--this is for YOU finally!) back before Christmas. I made it as a gift for the 3rd grade girl who lives down the street. She is SO into reading, I thought it would be neat to make her a reading journal to catalog the books she reads over the course of this year, hence the month tabs along the edge, which were stamped with a regular ol' Office Depot rolling date stamp. I used a lot of stuff on this and since it was going to get a little used, I went ahead and Mod-Podged it for durability. She has since started using it as just a regular journal, and has lost it a couple of times at her Granna's house and could probably not even tell you where it is now. (a 3rd grader for you!) I guess not many of you know I babysit (I don't like using that term for such an older child), I feel more like an Aunt to her (but we actually call her child "3.5"). She comes over at 6:30 every morning for a little bit and a ride to school, then I pick her up with Lindsie at 3:00 in the afternoon, and she stays until about 6. Guess what they are having for their after school snack the rest of the week? wink!!!!

TIP: Check out Office Depot or Staples for some real office stamps and incorporate them into your projects.

BONUS TIP: Distress larger brads or buttons, or even stickers with rubbed on StazOn ink to tone down color.

Supplies: Too numerous to list--feel free to email me with how-to or product questions. Don't forget to click on the pictures for more detail. My email's over to the right. I'd love to hear from you!


  1. oh my gosh, Susan, this journal is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Wow--you outdid yourself on this one girlfriend! I'm so happy to hear your hubby got a job, I am praying mine is next!


  2. Susie,

    I would try a low fat vs. a fat free. Blue Bunny's sugar free is a great alternative. I would chose taht over the fat free. Just a personal preference. It makes me a lot less likely to cheap and binge on something tasty. Sugar turns to more fat and messes with your insulin levels. ( DH is a nurse). Good luck..

  3. My favorite line of the ice cream story..."Guess what they are having for their after school snack the rest of the week? wink!!!!"
    Too Funny! Love the journal - very cute!

  4. Amazing project! Btw/ try anything by skinny cow... it's the best :)

  5. I so need to be doing that very same thing! I have no idea which one is better. I always go for the sugar-free just because I think it tastes better.
    What a lovely journal! So many nice details! TFS

  6. Holy cow!! This is amazing! I love every detail, and the colors are terrific!! Thanks so much for sharing -- I think I see a trip to Staples in my near future! :)

  7. I simply love this journal! It's quite a work of art for a 3rd grader to own! LOL I love all the detail and I appreciate the tip on the Office Depot stamps. I would have never thought of that! Thanks girl! Enjoy your day! Oh, and BTW, I'd go for big ol' chocolate malt once a month and skip the yucky ice cream!

  8. The journal is darling! A very cute idea.

    I have to agree with the SF/FF Ice cream. When I had gestational diabetes I bought some and couldn't even choke it down. I think it left it until it was so covered with freezer burn and ice crystals and then finally tossed it into the trash.

  9. When I had gestastional diabetes, I had a hard time finding foods that still tasted like food! I found that Edy's has a great tasting Sugar Free ice cream. I still buy it to this day....I'm not a healthy eater...and this is my way of eating healthy:P Hope it helps!

  10. What a great journal! I just bought those stamps a couple of months ago at Michael's. They're wonderfully used here.
    Have a great day.

  11. wow!!! this is just beautiful! Love the papers you used.

  12. Hi Susan! So that alpha set! What is it and where did you find it?? :)

  13. FF SF Ice Cream - it's no Bueno! Try Blue Bell Light - they have some great ones. I actually prefer the light rocky road to the full fat version. Same with cookies 'n cream - no lyin'!

    Your journal is awesome. Wish you would have posted it yesterday so I wouldn't have passed those up at Mike's last night! Oh well, now it's time for another trip!

    aka kikikaren who can't remember her google blogger info!

  14. Gorgeous!! My mom is diabetic and gets the Braum's Low Carb ice cream and loves it.
    I wanted to let you know that I received the card and goodies you sent me - last week, but I'm finally getting around blog land now! It was so cool and I feel really special to have something that YOU made! I think I'm going to frame it!! Thanks for the goodies inside too - they were a totally unexpected surprise!

  15. ...very good luck with your diet....I started mine on Jan 3 and have lost an astonishing 13 lbs! I've been using a site called and its really been working! it stinks to count calories but after awhile you realize you're eating the same 30-40 foods and the counting becomings much easier! Oh yeah, exercise, exercise, exercise, for 20-30 mins a day....even just a brisk walk. Walk 8 blocks and burn 100 cals! You go girl!!!!


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