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Friday, February 22, 2008

Beaming With Happiness!

Just a quick post for now, as I am about to get busy working on some new stuff for your viewing pleasure. It's a post out of partial guilt, as I had someone "unsubscribe" this morning and their reason being "blog not updated frequently enough". I honestly don't see how some out there manage to post EVERY single day of the world! It literally takes me an hour to photograph, upload, edit, watermark, and write each post, and that's not counting in for interruptions from my kiddos!! So I'm sorry if you expect more from me and are not receiving adequate "susiestampalot" sustenance. I will try and be more diligent. It would also help if Blogger had an auto publish feature. Anyone know how to do that in Blogger, and I just haven't figured it out? Sara!! That way, I could write several posts at once, and just have them timed to publish at certain times/days. Typepad does that I think, but I am not willing to pay for my site to have lots of features. While I'm on the subject of blogs, however, my sister, Sara, who designed my site and several others, including Amy Westerman of Heartfelt Greetings, Michelle Rodgers of Stamper's Dream, has her own blog now where she is offering up her services. I told her once she did my blog, it would snowball and she would need to go into business! Well she HAS and it's so Wonderful for her. She LOVES doing it. Check out her blog , called "Tweaks and Designs by Sara", and email her to let her "Tweak and Design" your blog. She is even doing "favicons" now. What is that? See the fun little flower on my site in your browser (they also show up when you are bookmarked)? That's a favicon! She's doing them for only $3!! You will love working with her! I left you plenty of links to find her...wink!!
The baby boy card was made for my friend, Sheila to give to her neice who is expecting her first baby. Awww!! I am a little rusty with baby cards, especially boy baby cards (I have all girls), and I had not made one in quite a while. The older you get, the less your friends are having babies and the fewer baby cards you need! I don't even have a "baby" stamp set, so I knew these stars by Verve Visual would do the trick! BTW, you only have a few more days to take advantage of their great sale--15% off ALL stamp sets!! And you will love them!!! This card is a bit large, being 5 1/2" square. I totally wanted to sew around the blue layer, but nailed it down before doing so. OOPS!!! I think it still turned out cute and was a fun card to make! Well, off to play...maybe I'll sew on a card today, as long as I don't forget!! Be sure and leave a comment on the post below for your card storage/displaying tips or if you think I should just "let go" and start mailing "my babies" out. I will RAK a random commenter on Monday with a nice card from me to help me with my "issue". wink!!!

TIP: Use textured cardstock for added dimension on your cards. (ok, now Smokey Robinson is singing, "The look, the feeeeeeel, of cotton" in my head. Remember that commercial?)

Stamps: Star Light Star Bright, Seeing Stars, Polka Stars (all Verve Visual)
Ink: Bashful Blue, Certainly Celery, Chocolate Chip
Paper: Certainly Celery, Very Vanilla, Baby Blue (Bazzill), DP by Sandylion
Other: Baby Blue Double Stitched Ribbon (Michael's), Giga Scallop Circle Punch, Paper Piercer/Mat Pack, Dimensionals, Baby Green Safety Pin, Small and Large Tag Punch (SU), 1/8" Hole Punch

Yep, an hour and a half later, I'm done.....


  1. That's the craziest thing I ever heard of. I enjoy reading blogs whenever people have the time to write them. Really, as if its a paying gig and you're EXPECTED to post all the time. We all have lives to lead and this is something that should be fun to do.

    Oh, super cute card by the way, as always!

  2. Susan,
    I believe that you can set blogspot to 'auto post'. Once you have typed your post, publish it, then go back in to edit it. If you change the dates they should show up automatically according to the current date vs. post date. I haven't personally tried this but have used this feature to keep a post at the top of one of my blogs. Hope it works for you, let me know.


  3. I love this card. Don't worry about someone unsubscribing from you - being that you don't post everyday, I don't either - people can't expect your life to revolve around blogging - I mean most of us do have families & other commitments!

  4. Hi Susan! Great card!I am totally with you when it comes to blogging I barely have time to post, with 2 kiddos 2 and 5 and married to a soldier my free time is limmited. Just think that someday when they are older you will have more time for yourself, don't worry about pleasing everyone in the blog world. I enjoy reading your posts and getting ideas from your faboulous creations. Have a great day!


  5. Love your card!!!! It is way too cute :) thanks for the links for your sister too....I just started bloging and my site could use a little spiffing up *wink* Oh and I hear ya on the time thing.......takes me about as long to do a post as well from start to finish (and that doesn't include making the project)!! I am in awe of the stampers that can post daily :) Have a great weekend!!

  6. Hi Susan! Don't worry about that unsubscriber....I had one do that today too! Whatever. That person doesn't have enough to do with herself if she wants all of us to be posting constantly! Geez. Anyways, I'm so sad cuz my little flavicon (?) has disappeared! I left your sis an email this morning wondering if she took it away from me cuz she doesn't like me anymore!!!!! Hopefully she'll be able to get it back for me! She's fabulous, I'm so glad I found her through you!


  7. Your card is beautiful!!!

    Do not be upset about people happens to everyone...just keep doing your blog thing---for you and however it works for YOU!

    Hugs girl!

  8. Great card!

    I can't say enough wonderful things about Sara, and the work she did for me on my blog. She's absolutely THE BEST!

    I know it probably stressed you that someone unsubscribed, but honestly, we all are doing all we can, aren't we? Don't sweat you own thing. :-)

  9. I had someone have the same reason for leaving my blog today!!!!

  10. Hi Susan... I truly love your blog and taking a couple days off to catch up with life is fine with me! I'll still come back and love your creative work! I'm not signed up yet, but defiantly going to. I don't have any tips on how to make blogging faster and have been thinking of starting a blog myself. I'm so passionate about stamping that if I have a stressed out day at work I can just let that all go as I stamp! You rock on girl!! Michelle Y.

  11. I check every day but don't plan on not checking just because I LOVE your ideas. Maybe she has limited time to look or something??? Who knows. Your blog has FAB ideas and that's why we keep coming back.

  12. Great great card Susie!! Such pretty colors! I had that same person unsubscribe from my blog this morning . . .too funny! :) Oh well! I'll second your comments about Sara - she's awesome to work with and amazingly talented!!


    You have to log into instead of the usual place.
    Create your post.
    Click post options.
    Enter the date and/OR time and click publish.
    It will appear in your posts list as scheduled. It will AUTO publish at the time you designated.


  14. I must add....I LOVE BLOGGER!!!!! If you want to do something THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY!!!!!!

    It's hard for me to keep up with posts so if anyone EVER has a question just ask me...I'll look into it and figure it out!

  15. I can't believe someone would leave your blog news! And say that for a reason? Sometimes it's better to say nothing (ya know)

    I used to have an incredible time getting "Rid" of any of my babies too. Now I often only make fronts. I also give quite a few to family members too.
    Best of luck with finding the solution that will be right for you!

  16. Beautiful card!

    So you are telling me that you have a life other than posting cards for us to see? What??? I don't understand that and here I thought you did cards 24/7 and your only goal in life was to show us your wonderful creations! :)

    Don't worry about the person unsubscribing. Post when you can and don't worry about the people that are so demanding.

  17. I just love all you ladies....HUGS!! I fixed ALL the favicons yesterday!!!! I SQUASHED THAT LITTLE BUG (in my code) :)

    Don't forget to login through and post...THEN you can schedule!!!!!

  18. Beautiful card! Some have a life outside of stamping, not saying that those that post every day don't have a life...but some stampers, stamp for a living, some work outside the home for a living, etc. Don't worry about not posting every day. I try to post a few days a week, but sometimes it's only once a week.

  19. so cute! glad I found your blog :)

  20. Love this star card! Great colors!

  21. This is so cute!! And wow, if everyone unsubscribed from blogs that aren't updated frequently, I'd be talking to myself. :-) I prefer blogs that aren't updated everyday, I can never keep up!! :-)


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