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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A {Little} Rant...

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year and behaved themselves the other night. We had an exciting evening at home. I realized at 11:30 that we had no "celebratory" food in the house, so Eric ran to Taco Bell (the only place open) and got a Nachos Bellgrande for us to share and brought it back home just in time to ring in the grande New Year with, toasting each other at the same time with sparkling grape juice. After that, I had a grande tummy ache and went to bed. I felt much better the next day and I hope ya'll felt fine "the next day" as well!

Rant: I wanted to voice an unsolicited opinion about something I ran across the other day and it got my (rhinestone studded) panties all in a wad. I was thumbing through a "stamping-related" magazine (that will go nameless right now, as I am trying to get published in it and don't want to upset the submissions gods), and I noticed a card in it that looked surprisingly familiar. The more I looked at it, the more I came to realize it was a "reeeeally close" copy of a card I made a few months back last spring. Yes, it had one change in placement of ribbon and used a different stamp set (that conveyed the same feel), but in essence, it was one I had created and designed, right down to the same colors. Now, I have been copied before and that is a great form of flattery. I have even had some of my images "harvested" and put on websites and galleries and identified as another's own artwork more than once, at which times I have contacted the "perp" and voiced my opinion of giving credit where credit is due. However, when it is a personal goal of mine (New Year's Resolution) to try and get published for my own gratification, it makes it a little unnerving to see a card that I originally designed, make it into a magazine without my consent or knowledge. To think, I could have already been published with that card apparently and now, in a twisted sense, I guess I already have, just once again lacking the credit for my work. Seriously, if you saw something created by some of the other "popular" stampers, would you go and copy it and submit it to a magazine as your own? I would hope not. I know I am not one of the "big name" stamper-girls (yet-wink!), but it feels awful to have your idea used in a magazine and it not feel like your idea anymore no matter who you are. 'Nuff said.

Please continue to feel free to CASE my work as it's meant to be shared for ideas and fun or I wouldn't be sharing at all on this blog or on SCS. Even send me pictures of your renditions--I would love to see them, actually! However, what you find here on my blog and on SCS is not meant for you to copy and submit for publication. That's my job and hopefully you will see me on your newsstands soon!


  1. Oh Susan, that just completely stinks - don't blame you a bit for ranting! What kind of person would do that?? I love to CASE and am thankful for all the inspiration I have access to - but I always try to give credit where credit is due - and would NEVER think of SUBMITTING it for publication!! That just blows my mind a little. Well I happen to love *YOUR* work and look forward to hearing you celebrate your publication at some point in the future here on this blog! Best of luck to you!!

  2. I'm sorry that happened, and I can completely understand how you feel. You have the same goal as me, I am going to TRY to get published this year as well. Best of luck to you, obviously it is a goal you can acheive ;-)

  3. I love the Taco Bell run at 11:30! Haha! I should have thought of that! That totally stinks about someone copying your card. How rotten. How can they possibly feel good about getting "published" if it wasn't even their layout/idea?

  4. So sorry Susan....what a terrible thing. I am sure you will have YOUR name in a publication soon *where it belongs!


  5. oh the things i could say...

  6. Oh my word! That is awful Susan! I hope that whomever did this, knows it was wrong!
    I hope that your New Years Resolution to be published happens soon! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

  7. that is just awful! if i case someone's work, i always give them credit and no way would i ever submit a cased card for publication!


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