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Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Fast Gift Card Holder and I've Been Tagged!

Last night was bunco for me over at a friend's house and we had a super fun time (and I won $20 for second place! It will come in handy for some extra Christmas shopping.). Our dear friend, Bev was sure missed, but we had fun thinking about her and I plan to see her in the hospital this Saturday after she is settled into her new care facility. She is hoping to only be there for a week or so and then be able to go home and let hospice care take over and just rest as she is in a lot of pain. Big hugs and thank you's for all your comments and prayers. They mean a lot to our bunco group and Bev. Since it was the Christmas party bunco, we had our Chinese Gift Exchange of $20 gift cards. (Fun to see what you get, and easy to re-gift if necessary! You know you do it--don't hate!) So through SCS, I found this blog with some handy measurements for a quick and easy gift card holder. I changed the front and the closure and it took me about 15 or 20 minutes to complete. Enclosed is my gift card to Chipotle, so I thought the "Warm Wishes" sentiment from Papertrey was quite appropriate. I plan on making a few more for some other gift cards I will be joyfully giving out this year!

Stamps: Papertrey Holiday Treats
Ink: Palette Noir
Paper: Ballet Blue, Bashful Blue, GP White, DP from Target
Other: SU! Scallop Circle punch, SU! 1 3/8 Punch, Corner Rounder, Cuttlebug Snowflake Die, Red Brad, Tacky Tape (redliner), Blue/White Gingham Ribbon from Joanns


Carole and Stacy both tagged me, and someone else did, but I can't find you and I forgot (I'll be 41 in January, you know!). Sorry!! So the deal is to fire off 7 random things about yourself. I always have to take a couple of days to think about these and come up with stuff before I respond. I'm actually pretty boring! The dinosaur can be found taped to a pole on the side of a road we go down quite frequently in Keller. It's the most random thing I know, so I had to take a picture of it! I'm sure that looked pretty random to the people driving by! It's been there for several years....WHY?

1. I dreamed about what I was going to write 7 random things about the other night and dreamed that I had two kids with the same name. In my dream, it dawned on me that that is what I could write about here! How random is that? I don't have 2 with the same name (theoretically speaking, that would not be considered randomness, now would it?), but their names (all 3 girls) do all end in "ie".

2. I took a rooster to school when I was in the 10th grade for a Chinese Gift Exchange for my Honors English class. I heard he tasted pretty good.

3. I hate wearing socks.

4. I was just talking about this to our girls the other day. They were talking about weird food. I have eaten escargo, snake, shark, caviar, frog legs, squid, and squirrel before. They thought that all was pretty gross. Believe it or not, squirrel is pretty good, especially if you like dark meat chicken and if Bubba shot it! (read that last sentence with a Texas twang!)

5. I once tried to get out of a ticket by telling the policeman I was having a baby. That didn't work, so I changed my excuse to that I had diarrhea. He let me go. Quickly.

6. I'm not a dog or pet person even though I really like our rat terrier, Hopper, but I once rescued a dog on the side of a freeway. He was waiting for his dog-friend to wake up, but he had been hit and had died. It was so sad! Through a series of phone calls, I found his owner and brought them back together for a happy reunion!

7. I can flare my nostrils. Doing it now.

Now if you choose to share your randomness, please comment me with a link and I will see how nerdy you are too!


  1. I can flare my nostrils AND my lips at the same time!

    ...I'm doing it now.

  2. Girl you crack me up! These are great, and such a cute gift card holder!

  3. oh dear, you're funny! love your gift card & congrats on winning the cash!!

  4. SQUIRREL???????? seriously?? seriously?? SERIOUSLY??
    (if anyone else is reading these commments, S and I are friends and I can talk to her like this and she laughs)

  5. Hey there, cute gift card holder!! If you're going shopping today, try to have fun (that's the secret this time of year).
    p.s. your 7 things, crack me up!!

  6. I'm flaring my nostrils back at you as a salute to you, my friend, for rescuing a dog. (..)

  7. Your randomness cracks me up! I love your gift card holder -- the ribbon is a great touch!

    I'm praying for your friend Bev -- she's lucky to have a friend like you!


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