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Monday, November 26, 2007

Just FYI...

I am IN LOVE with Josh Groban's voice....he makes me MELT!!! With this particular song, I can just picture the whole scene in Bethlehem...O, Holy Night!! Enjoy!


  1. Susan, I just visited your blog for the first time...I'm in if you have Josh on every once in a while!! I,too, LOVE this man's voice...have been listening to his Cmas CD, NOEL, to get me in the spirit...ususally listen to him while I stamp...Your taste in music is great, as is your stamp art, Thanks for the moments.

  2. Oh WOW!! One of my most favorite Christmas songs, and what an amazing voice Josh has! Thanks so much for sharing, Susan. This was definitely the perfect beginning to my day.

    Blessings and hugs,

  3. I am SO with you! I would say that he has the most wonderful voice in music today, don't ya think? I did get to see him in concert and let me tell you, if a video or CD melts you, you'd be amazed at hearing him in real life. Simply awesome! Thanks for putting that video on. . . great way to start my morning! :-) (Holy cats. . .just re-read my post! I sound like a groupie! :-)

  4. Me too! That was just beautiful. Thanks for starting my day off like that :) So glad the girls have a 2-hr delay for school since the roads are kinda icy, otherwise I wouldn't have heard this clip. THANKS SUSAN!! Hope your family is doing well and enjoys this holiday season. We're still praying for you guys. {{hugs}}

  5. I had to come back for more as this most awesome song has been on mind all day. Thanks again so much for sharing and blessing my day Ü.

  6. Susan, first off I love your blog, and the Josh Groban video was awesome! I just bought his NOEL cd, and I love it, that man is certainly gifted! TFS!


  7. Love the new blog banner. I usually read your blog from my bloglines but I had to click to see the Josh Groban video.


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