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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

You Have to See THIS!!!

Check out this cool video a friend of mine sent to me in an email. I guess someone's church did this as a presentation. It's totally COOL!!! Not to mention it's the song, "Who Am I", by my all time favorite, Casting Crowns!! Not only watch the video, but also listen to the WORDS--awesome to think about and all TRUE!


  1. Dear Susie~ I am sitting here wiping away tears after watching and listening to this video. Thank you soooo very much for sharing this!! God IS an AWESOME God! (My 15 year old son loved this as well.) Do you happen to know how I might e-mail this to my friends and family? By the way...I adore your blog and your beautiful creations. In Christ, Stacy Stevens

  2. WOW!!! That was SO awesome it gave me goosebumps!! I'm just getting home from taking my kids to their first day of school, sitting here at the computer thinking that I really need to spend some quiet time in God's word, so He certainly confirmed that here Ü. Thanks so much for sharing this, Susan! Have a blessed day today.

  3. THANK YOU for sharing! I love that song and the video was amazing!

  4. That was GREAT!!! I love Casting Crowns and that is one of my favorite songs. We watched a YouTube video at church last Sunday during worship, it was a REAL tear jerker! Thanks for sharing this one!

  5. That was cool. I had to pass it on! Thanks for posting it!

  6. This is AWESOME! Thanks so much for posting it. I can see my church's youth group doing something like this!


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