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Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Put the Straw in Strawberries!

Literally!! I recently found out this neat little trick to "popping the tops off" of strawberries. I don't know if it was a "Good Thing" from Martha Stewart or what, but when I bought our last batch of yummy strawberries (they are so good right now!), I remembered this trick, but had never tried it! I thought I would share it with ya'll, so I made a little "tutorial"--ha!!! If you've already heard of doing this and it's old news, remember to be nice to me as I am 40 and lead a sheltered life (not really, but really about the 40 part).

First, you take your straw and sort of "center" it on the bottom of the strawberry.

Then, you just push the straw up the center of it, and off pops the little leafy top! I thought it was going to be hard to push it up there, but NO--super easy, and if you don't get all of it the first time, you just kind of keep pushing up other places until all the leaves are off and the bitter tasting white core is gone.

Look at the fun little bright
"palm trees" you get!!
Then, just wash them up and mix them with just a touch of sugar and some fat free Cool Whip...mmmmm!! Yumm-O! I am in no way affiliated with strawberries or the people who grow them or make sugar or the Kraft company or Cool Whip. I just eat the stuff. Boy, my hands look wrinkled (40).


  1. Very cool tip! I had never heard of it, so thanks for sharing!! :-)

  2. I was reading along eating my yogurt. Got to the last paragraph and my gasp for laughing coincided with the yogurt going down my throat. Choking, laughing, coughing, and yes, yogurt removal from various parts of the nasal cavity.

  3. Of course I did 2 baskets of strawberries before I read this....will try it next time for sure. TFS

  4. I never heard of this technique...way yummy!!

  5. I am in no way affiliated with strawberries or the people who grow them or make sugar or the Kraft company or Cool Whip. I just eat the stuff. - This almost made me pee in my britches... You are so cute. And no, I've never seen this...what an awesome way to get the green junk out!

  6. That's slick! I always use the top of my potato peeler.

  7. Will wonders never cease!!! You could even somehow put the little "palm trees" in strawberry daquaries (sp?) for decoration. (You can tell if I don't know how to spell I certainly shouldn't be drinking it!). Thanks for the tip!

  8. that's a really nice tip. love strawberries.

  9. What a great tip! Thanks for sharing it. And the disclaimer at the end was hilarious!


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