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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Random Randomness

Ok, first things first---let's play the tagging game! Lynn (SCS Lynn in St. Louis, aka Stamperosity), Jennifer (aka Stampin' Crazy), and Laura (SCS lleonard, aka Lu-La's Corner) all tagged me! {I feel loved.} So here are seven random things you may not know about me, and until I type them, I may not have realized them about myself either, for that matter!

1. I like the smell of StazOn ink. (mmm, fruity goodness!)
2. I am drinking the first Diet Coke I've had in over a year today. (boy, it's almost too sweet. Not happy sweet, sugary sweet!)
3. I wish there were garanimals for adults (if you are old enough, you know what these are). I do not put clothes together for outfits well at all! If I need something, I like to buy whatever is already on the mannequin!
4. My all time favorite song is Hotel California (40, remember?)
5. I love to go to garage sales. (Don't love having them, but I'm about to in a few weeks. Need anything?)
6. I used to sell Creative Memories. (still love their stuff!)
7. I started getting gray hairs when I was 22 and they come out of just one spot on the top of my head. (sort of the reverse of Jay Leno, but not that pronounced {yet}. I got that from my grandmother. Makes me really think I need to get highlights again. ugh.)

See? Random up to the minute!! Here's another random thing that is near Shelbie's high school: There is a telephone pole we have to drive by to get to her school. There is a little plastic dark green dinosaur tied to this pole with red tape. Why? You talk about your basic randomness!! I really want to go take a picture of it one of these days! Hmmm...that would be a good picture for the ol' blog, wouldn't it!! How random would I look taking a picture of the random dino? I must do it now!!

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  1. I had a grey patch on my side head-luckily it was usually covered up by my long hair. I had it almost since birth. then when I got sick in 1997 and all my hair fell out, it all came back almost all grey-so now I dye the whole head. Those young people with grey that model-still look old.


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