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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Plethora Of RAK's!!

I know, I know, bad bad blogger, Susan!! It has been a while since I shared with you the happy mail I have been receiving over the past two months or so. So to get back in the swing of real life (for me), I thought I would start with these big SHOUT OUTS to my wonderful friends that sent me these cards (in no particular order). I am addicted to checking the mail, so you KNOW when I got them, I was doing a little jig all the way back to the front door! (Picture it if you dare, but it might be a little scary!) I made the pictures kind of small, so the post wouldn't be so long, so don't forget you can click on them to enlarge and see all the great details in them. And this morning, I could not get member galleries to come up in SCS in order to link them, so if that's not linked properly, I am sorry. Anyway, thanks to all of you, you made my life a little more special!!! (((HUGS)))!!!
A cute Best Of Cluck RAK from Care-In. I think she put dazzling diamonds on the bottom portion of the egg, so it's extra sparkly in real life!! I love sparkly sparkly!! I am kicking myself for not getting this set before it's retirement! so cute! Visit her here!
This is a wonderful waterfall card (that I have never seen in person--how does it work?) from Chris (aka cdjkssss). I loved meeting her at the Arlington stamp day back in April. (Ooh, that means she is close by to me. Maybe she could come over and give me a personal lesson on how to make one of these!) See her beautiful work on SCS here!
This one is pretty special to me (I literally just got it in the mail 20 minutes ago!). It's from KristineB, one of my first SCS friends who I just sold this Noah's Ark set to and look what she did with it (in honor or my flooding). Did I mention she has a great sense of humor? That's why we are such good friends, I think! Also visit her fab-o blog here!
These two are darling cards! The brown one is from Tammy--tkfite on scs. It's one of my favorite sets and color combos, too! See her fun blog here! She has some really cool stuff! The other Cool Caribbean card is from Diane Gilbert of
My Little Stampin' Spot. If any of you decide you can no longer use your Big Blooms set, let me know!! I love this card!
This fun card is from Vicki. I have admired her work on her blog for a long time! I recently won some very cool blog candy from her and have already used some of it! Thanks, Vicki!
This is a beauty from Rachel (aka rachelhope on SCS). I love the little scallop square (cut in half diagonally) for the little corner treatments and one of my all time favorite sets! It's now retired, but it's staying put in my little collection o'rubbah!!! See more of her wonderful creations here!
Because Kristen (ked on SCS)is so cute to make this for me, I DID have a FAN-tastic day!! Isn't that stamp precious? I am pretty sure it's Amuse, but I could be wrong. And that paper is perfect! She sent it to me with some fab-o candy I won off her blog. Rush over there NOW!
Last but not least, I received this precious card from a new friend, Donna (dbaker3 on SCS). She sent it to me to cheer me up and remind me that things could be worse after my post about all the yucky stuff that was going on over here at my house in the last few weeks. The outside of the card is pretty cute, but the inside of the card (and the back-ha!) meant a lot to me! I also loved the white background on the card. I really don't do enough cards that have that look....file that one in my wee little brain to remember to try! Anyway, she has a great blog--check it out here!

Whew!! That was a lot of RAK's to share! It took me 2 days (due to kids, life, and more flooding interruptions) to post this. Serves me right for slacking off on them for so long, I guess. Hope no one is mad at me for it and calls me names like Susie%$#@#$%!!!!


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