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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Pause for the Cause....

This picture has nothing to do with why I really posted...I just thought it was laugh out loud funny!! It was sent to me from a friend with the following headline: Since Texas has been having so much rain, a designer has created new shoe styles for ladies in the Dallas /Ft. Worth area! If you click on the picture, you will notice the box label says High Tide Heels. Now that's a pair of orange shoes I could actually justify getting. Attractive, yet purposeful. HA HA!!! Now onto other business of the evening.......
Sorry for my absence, kids. I will be back around tomorrow--I promise!!! We spent the whole weekend swapping rooms for the girls--it feels like moving day! Then today, we had new carpet installed in one of those bedrooms and more beds to put together and furniture to move! At this point in time, I think every stick of furniture we own has been in every room in our wee little house during this "fruitbasket" turnover! I still have a fun project to show you that I did to match that last bella card and I have been tagged by about two or three of you! For some crazy reason, you want to know random stuff about me! Me? I'm a pretty random girl, so that should be no problem. Just wanted to stop in and let you know, I haven't forgotten about you, my precious online (as my husband calls them--make-believe) friends! I, however, know you as..."my public"! And gosh darnit, you need me!! Ok, I know, I'm getting a little loopy! Off to bed...Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. That picture is hilarious! I just bought my DD rainboots but it hasn't rained for two days! Go figure!

  2. You crack me up! MAke believe friends? HA! It is pretty cool the little world we have created isn't it?

  3. I got that email too...isn't it hilarious?? Glad things are progressing for ya!

  4. Awww..."make-believe friend" I'm honored!! Lol. That's funny. Can't wait to see your "project". :) Take care my friend. {{hugs}}

  5. Now that really was laugh out loud funny...tfs


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