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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Fun Find at Michael's

Well, here's the cute little project I did to match that Bella card a couple of posts back. I still had all the stuff out for the card, so I altered this little star with the same paper and sentiment. I got the star from the Michael's dollar bin and it's only about 4" tall, sort of that rusty metal look with other stars punched in it (you can't see that since the paper is on top of it. I should have taken a before and after picture! Hindsight is always 20/20, right?) They have all this fun western stuff right now. It's pretty cute on it's own, but I wanted to see how difficult it would be to cover it with paper. I ended up tracing the star twice for the front and back, as close as I could and cutting it out. Then I found the "center" by drawing lines to "match" the convex lines of it on the back of each star. Then I folded it along the lines to also match the shape of the star. I took off the metal ring hanger and adhered the paper with my favorite glue (Scotch Quick Dry--it's what I use for my cards, too). I then had to trim a little off the edges and reattach the metal hanger. Then I just embellished it! Turned out pretty cute and it was fairly easy! I think I will hang it up in my "studio" once I get my bedroom back, to remind me to feel blessed, no matter what!
Oh, I also wanted to tell ya'll about my visit with the Provo Craft ladies the other day--They demonstrated the cuttlebug (already loved it and own it, oh, and I am getting the tiny bubbles and traffic jams folders tomorrow from my mommy--wOhOoo!) and then they showed us--THE CRICUT!! I know it's old hat to a lot of you, but I always looked at it as something I didn't really need and knew I could never afford.
OMGoodness!! I love it, and what it can do! So I brought the one they used for the demo on home with me to play with since I will be needing it to do my "work" for them and they already have one in their studio. I figure I will have to give it back at some point, but I am lovingly adopting it for now! OH, and they are coming out with a LOT more cartridges for it! If you are a teacher, you NEED one of these babies--they are gearing a bunch of stuff to educational things needed for bulletin boards and such. SO CUTE!!! Anyway, email me if you have any specific questions about the machine itself and I will try to answer them for you!
I hope to make a somethin' or other tonight, so that I will have somethin' or other to show you tomorrow. Until then, feel blessed!!


  1. Very Cute! LOVE THAT STAR!! Hugs! Ash~

  2. Love that star! So cute! What a great deal!

  3. Wow that star is fantastic, and love that Bella card, will definitely keep that in mind when doing my next Bella.

  4. Holy Cow! That is soo cute! So you just cut out the paper and glued it on? I know there is more to it, but is that what you did? I have had such a hard time making flat cards, but 3-D art is my specialty. I think I could do this!
    Too cool.

  5. love the star! i have 3 large ones that i am waiting(stalling) on altering. yours is fabulous!

  6. I have awarded you with the Rockin' Girl Blogger award!


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