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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Out With The Old, In With The New!!

I am finally getting a spare moment to put this list out here of all the stamp sets I have left for sale. Only four of them are on the retiring list (I am not a demo, so I can sell them) and the rest have been retired already. I don't currently have pictures, but I can take one and send it if you just HAVE to see it first.
Here's the BLAH BLAH BLAH:
They are all gently used and of course some have slight staining on the wood, but who cares! If interested, I will use the new flat rate shipping (I can't find the rates off hand, but I will) through the USPS for the US and outside of that, I would have to see what the cost is as I have never shipped anything outside the US! I will accept a check (but I will wait until it clears before mailing, sorry, been burned before), I have a Paypal acct., so if you know how to do that, it's cool, too, or a money order/cashier's check would work as well. Take a look and let me know if you want anything either by commenting me on here or my email is listed over to the right. First come, first served! Thanks for looking!!

Current, but about to retire:

Festive Four 2004 5.00
Cool Cat 2005 8.00
Favorite Teddy Bear 2003 18.00
Stippled Stencils 2004 5.00

Already retired:

Little Shapes 2000 3.00
The Art of Life 2005 5.00
Good Ol’ Summertime 2002 15.00
Paint Prints 2005 8.00
Nature’s Secret 2005 10.00
Oh, My Word 2005 8.00
Star-Spangled Day 2002 15.00
Mini Messages 2004 6.00
Holiday Blocks 2005 8.00
Sweeter Treaters 2003 10.00
Noah’s Ark 1996 15.00
Buttons, Bows & Twinkletoes 2003 18.00

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  1. Hi Sus!! Could I see a picture of Noah's Ark set?? I might be interested in that one :)


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