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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tag, Tag, Tag, Tag--I Have Been It For a While

Yes, several of ya'll tagged me, some quite some time ago and some as recent as yesterday!! So, I guess I have been "it" for a while! Part of my not responding to the tags has been due to busy-ness getting ready for stamp day, recovering from stamp day and catching up with stuff that's been neglected due to stamp day. The other part is that I just can't think of anything interesting enough to share. I am a pretty boring person, actually! Regardless, here is my attempt at opening up and letting you see a glimpse of me that just cannot be captured through reading my normal blog content (and since I am so late with this game, if you haven't been tagged yet, consider it done):

1. I have only had 3 jobs in my life outside of being a stay at home mommy and one of them I worked for twice. I worked at Winn-Dixie grocery store as a checker for 4 years (from which people around here still recognize me--that was high school, folks!). I then went to work part-time as a teller for a bank while going to school(changed names 4 times--First Republic in Ft. Worth, NCNB, NationsBank, and finally Bank of America {the bank of the Northern Hemisphere!}). Moved on from there and worked for Supreme Golf as a retail clerk (never having played golf before) and then went back to work full time (they begged me) for the bank and stayed there another 15 years!

2. When I was ages 9-11, we lived in Katy, TX and we had several animals including chickens, geese, rabbits, a pony (mean thing), quail, doves, and ducks. We also had a mean rooster. When we moved up here to the DFW area in 1979, we brought the rooster with us. I ended up taking him to school as a white elephant gift for a Chinese Christmas gift exchange. haha!!!

3. I used to know how to play classical guitar--that is with no pick. Very beautiful to listen to!

4. I used to not be able to stand yogurt, cottage cheese, or bananas, but since my dieting (for a year now), I love all three!! However, I only tolerate raw tomatoes--eeewwwwww!!

5. When I was in middle school, I played softball for about 3 seasons. I played right field, caught the ball only once and never got a hit. When the last season was done, the coach came up to me and said, 'you aren't going to play again for us next year, are you?'. How RUDE!! No, I never played again.

6. I LOVE hot dogs. 'Nuff said.

7. I have done concrete work, electrical work, reroofed a house, crawled under our old house in the crawl space to do plumbing work, body work on my pick up truck (a 1970 RED chevy with a 370 corvette engine--yeehaw!!), refinished a huge rolltop desk (that we sold for $100, but was worth $1000's-oops), cleaned a pool with acid, burned trash when I was 10, pulled every weed in a corner lot (took me all summer), and swam in ponds with water moccasin snakes (very poisonous--now that I think about it, I also stepped on one that was all coiled up barefoot one time--yikes!).

Now, I'm just boring little me--into all my silly crafts (I don't do yardwork), staying at home with my kids and loving every minute of it!!


  1. WOW! I don't think your boring at all! I would have died just seeing the snake! How in the world did you swim with them?
    I was cracking up reading your entry! You are a handy girl to have around the house!

  2. You are so cute! I would love to hear you play guitar...I'll sing some opera for ya! I'm a little rusty...LOL
    And, um, yeah, I have coasters coming out my you know what!

  3. i just want to know where you got that COAT!!! :)


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