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Sunday, May 6, 2007

In Your Dreams

I don't know about ya'll, but I have been having some scary dreams lately! What's up with that? Last night, I dreamed (dreamt?) that I was at some sort of outdoor speech. Pretty soon, I saw a wolf walking around and it ended up going up to where the guy was speaking. Then, all of a sudden, the wolf just jumped up and bit the guy in the neck and would not let go!!! Everyone thought it was funny and part of his speech, but the guy was really dying! I could not get over that no one was doing anything, so I ran down and started telling people to dial 911 and then I went over and started beating on the wolf to let go! Then I woke up. Weird, huh? I think I must have been still thinking about one of the things I mentioned in my last post: I used to have to go out and burn our trash when I was 10 and we lived in the country. I remember doing this at dusk and even when it was a little darker. It was a ways from the house, but down the dirt road on our property. I would walk all the way to the container we burned in, crying, boo-hooing! Not only could I hear the coyotes howling in the woods near me, but I was (and still am) afraid of matches!!! I want my teddy bear! Anyway, maybe this card will help me move on from the bad dreams and have some good ones for a change! She is just dreamy! It's the Jammybella from Stamping Bella. I don't actually own any of the bella girls, but my good friend, Jen, was so nice to give me some images stamped in StazOn, so I could color them any way I wanted to, and in this case with ink and a blender pen!! It's kind of hard to tell in the picture, but all edges of all cardstock except the white, is dtp'd (direct to paper) in white craft ink for a softer look--It's greatness on the Kraft Paper. Check out Heather Nichol's (pinefeather) blog, Pine is Here. She uses a lot of this technique (she may use a sponge) on several of her cards and projects that use Kraft paper--wonderful! I love the little flower tag that I used my KF snap stamps on! Her jammy pants also have some Star Dust Stickles dotted in the center of each flower, too and the stitching is "real" around the image. Hope you liked seeing a card from me for a change! Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite. But if they do, squeeze them tight, so they won't bite another night!! Sweet Dreams!


  1. I like what you've done with this Bella. Nice dreamy colors!

  2. Sorry you are having bad dreams!! Start dreaming of stamp camp...good times!!
    This card is so so so so cuuuuute!!!!

  3. Ditto...the colors are PERFECT, and I just love that you added that cute cuttlebugged flower! The dp is really great too. I don't know what's up with the dreams, but my bad ones are usually brought on by some sort of stress or worried about something. Wishing ya SWEET dreams tonight girlfriend!! :)

  4. What a great card Susan. I love the patterned paper you used and who doesn't like Bellas?!? Hope you're having a FABULOUS Monday.

  5. OMG are you serious? lol that is just crazy! I'm with Jen - start dreaming about stamp camp lol I love this card, it's absolutely adorable, but then again so are you my wonderful friend! Love ya Mucho! :)

  6. Great card, as usual! I've been having weird dreams about my students and other teachers...yikes!


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