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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Appreciate Those Teachers!

Well, today was field day at Lindsie's school--her first one ever, as she is still in kindergarten. She was so excited for it to get here yesterday that she put herself to bed last night, hoping that would make the morning come that much sooner. Then this morning came, she got ready for her schoolday without any prompting and immediately went out to the backyard to "practice" running, so she'd be ready for all the relay races and whatnot!! Audrie and I went up to her school to take pictures and cheer her on as she kicked the soccer ball down the field and around the cone, ran with "ball" snowcones, bounced on the hippity hop, ran a sack race, beat the boys at tug of war and played with the big giant parachute like they do at the Little Gym. She is beat and needless to say, she put herself to bed again tonight only after mommy (me) rewarded her for a great day with her favorite cookies. Poor thing is wore out!! I am sure those teachers and volunteers who put the whole event together look forward to having fun with the kids all day, but are exhausted at the end as well. Not only on field day, but every day must be tough answering question after question of things we all take for granted, but little minds haven't grasped just yet. That's hard work!! So last week was Teacher Appreciation week for us and this was my contribution to at least brighten Mrs. McPherson's day (otherwise known as Ms. Fearson, by her kindergarten class!). It wasn't much and it in no way equals the amount of appreciation and admiration I have for her and all you teachers out there, but she really liked it and little did I know, craisins are her favorite!! I used the Papertrey Green Thumb (again--can't put it down!) and my fun scallop circle punch for the medallion. The tag is hand-written and just used some plain ol' scallop scissors to cut the mat to match. The cookies are an awesome yummy, super-easy recipe you can find in the forums on scs HERE. Take a moment this week or next, as your little ones (or big ones--Shelbie did NOT want me to make her high school teachers an appreciation gift--wonder why?) are getting ready to go on summer vacation and think about how far they've come this year in their journey learning about the world. God gets all the glory for it, but he put teachers on this earth to pour their hearts into our children for Him and 9 times out of 10, they do.


  1. Beautiful gift! As a teacher, I would certainly appreciate such a wonderful present! I'm sure your child's teacher will love it!!!
    I love your cards on your blog, btw!!! Awesome!

  2. That is such a cute gift! Gotta get that set...
    I have seen tins like that before, where'd ya get it? See you Saturday!

  3. Wow--this is so lovely! I'm sure that the teacher will be happy with this!

  4. well, Susie Stamps "A LOT"...I was working for 10 days in Miami Beach and I thought it will take me FOREVER to get through all of your blog entries while I was gone.....hmmmm...took about 2 minutes.

    Are you putting your family, home, friends and church in front of your blog?
    .....Darn you!!!

  5. Yumm! Looks like a fabulous teacher gift! I'm sure it will be appreciated :-)

  6. Yet another great idea from Susan! I may need to borrow your brain for a while. Too bad I haven't jumped into the world of stamping yet. Otherwise I'd steal this idea. I'd love to stamp but know that I'd become immediately addicted. One less thing for my plate right now!

  7. I don't know which I'm more drooling over... the cookies or the presentation.

  8. Beautiful! The link doesn't seem to work and I'VE GOT CRAISINS in the house! I could make'em tonight! Help!!

  9. Seriously, I thought I commented on this before. I think we belong to the same e-mail group because I know I saw this before. Very cute.


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