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Thursday, April 5, 2007

A RAK Showcase That's WAY Overdue!

I know, I know, where in the world have I been? Well, ever since I got back from beautiful Tyler on my church's ladies retreat, I have been in denial that I am actually back home and have real duties to attend to! So I HAD to get caught up on all the laundry, cleaning and back into my normal routine, before I could reward myself with time to stamp, blog and hang out on the computer! I think I'm finally there! We got both the cars back from the shop and it does not look like we will need to file any homeowners claims for the minor flooding we had in the house last Friday. A little water came in and tried to warp my pergo floors, kill my computer, and soak the closet. The rain and wind blew our gate to our back yard open and a few little tykes toys floated out to the front and down the street. Even our dog got washed away and ended up back on our front porch! So hopefully no more drama in those departments. I thankfully have had a fairly uneventful week other than yesterday, my washing machine leaked water into the garage (my fault for putting a pillow in with a full load--I highly don't recommend it) and today, I dropped the tub 'o butter AND the jelly jar and it exploded glass everywhere! At least those things don't cost me any money and are easy to clean up, right? So here I am, with a lot to show you once again!! Here are the latest blogger RAK's I have recieved. They are all gorgeous. Instead of a RAK Showcase, it should be called a RAK WHOA-case!! They are all so awesome!!! This one is from rachelhope13 of hopestampseternal. I love the little negative of the flower die-cut with the button and the colors are so fresh! This next one is from Julie Phillips of paperjoy. I have never seen a buckle card in person. I don't own the word window punch, but now want one to be able to do a card like this. I can't figure out how I would do one without it. Any ideas? Anyway, it's using one of my favorite sets with all the little bugs and has greenish stickles covering the little critters. Julie, how did you know? Here is another one that I received all the way from Canada! The amazing Cindy Keery sent me this one and it features real fabric and sewing!! I am so grateful to have gotten it. You can see it also featured on her blog, imagine-dream-create. When I get a little more daring, I want to get one of those fancy schmancy watermarks she makes! See, I told you I was behind!! Two more! Leslierich (I LOVE your stuff, girlie!) sent me this cutie. I can't remember the name of the set used, but I remember seeing it in her gallery and she said the little bugs flying around the lamp were supposed to be moths attracted to the light!! I LOVE that and have always thought it was a neat idea. (moths are dumb, aren't they?) Then the last one I have received is from my blogging buddy, Laura Leonard (lleonard) over from Lu-La's Corner. She also featured this one on her fab blog the other day and I am now the proud owner of it. She used the Gardenabella (?) stamp and such bright and cheery colors. It's exactly what I would look like if I gardened. No, I would look even happier, because I wouldn't garden, I would have a lawn guy to take care of all that stuff if I could afford it! I am the girl that only has 2 houseplants (by default) and only has one shrub in front of the house (all the rest died, but I can grow some mean monkey grass!). But I digress... Anyway, I treasure all of them and I am so sorry, girls that this took a while for me to get with the program and post. Please don't report me to the bad blogger RAK showcaser police! Keep them cards and letters comin'!! I promise to stay on top of it a little better in the future! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!


  1. Hi Susan. I'm glad you like the card. Hope you had a nice time on your retreat and Happy Easter!!!

  2. WOW!! I hope all those lovely cards made up for all the stress you went through lately. Those are absolutely GORGEOUS!! You lucky girl :0)


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