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Monday, April 23, 2007

If The Tiara Fits, Wear It!

I love this stamp! It was given to me by one of my bestest "beas-ties"! (long story..YOU, Kendra started it! Everytime she looked at when you called your best friend your "bestie" on your blog, Sheila thought you were calling her your "beastie"!! So now it's stuck!) ANYWAY, she gave me this stamp out of a set of random stamps she picked up at Michael's on clearance and knew it was for ME! It is well known in these parts that I am a princess. I have a t-shirt that says the same thing, and a princess ring that I got for my birthday. Our girls love it when I "pretend" to be one, too, although I don't have to pretend. My husband treats me like one (LOVE him!), so that means I must be, right? It's just everyone else has not quite gotten the memo! So I made this card in honor of me! Just kidding! I was just having fun using the new stamp. I love the paper from My Mind's Eye that came from Hobby Lobby (very hard to find) and then the cute heart jewel in the (my) tiara came from Kendra a while back when I won some goodies from her. You can't hardly tell in this picture, but the (my) tiara is colored very lightly in pretty in pink with a blender pen. The little clip at the top is from Making Memories from the Cheeky collection with a fun ribbon accent from American Crafts. Pretty simple, tall card. I really like how it turned out. Oh, and I outlined the (my) tiara in that fun little Sakura Stardust pen! So glittery! Made just for a princess (me)!! Hey, I AM a daughter of the KING!! That DOES make me a princess!! Are you? We can all be royalty if you just believe!


  1. OMG Sus - I am rolling on the floor right now - that is completely HILARIOUS!!!! sheila thought I was saying beastie instead of bestie - LOL LOL that is great! i love this card - it's just to die for! :)

  2. So fun and sassy. Love it!

    (another daughter of the King!)
    dini from SCS

  3. Well, my "beastie" has done it again! I just knew you would do FABULOUS things with that stamp!! Now I think I shall call you Princess Beastie! Rather elegant - don't you think?!?!??!

  4. Okay, Susan --- If you are a Princess I MUST BE THE QUEEN!!!! I gave birth to you, raised you (whether right or wrong), and sent you out into your kingdom. Up until now, I've been rather proud of you, but since that big ole tiara came into your life, I'm not so sure!! LOL No, really, I'm very proud of you and all of your accomplishments!!! You surprise me every day!!
    Mommy (Linda L Bien {SCS})

  5. Good thing we live in different towns cuz around here I'm the princess!!!! LOL your mom emailed me and told me about your post. My Secret Sis sent me a tiara with Bling! it lights up! I love your card and that stamp. I'm so glad I'm old enough to handle someone else thinking they are as special as me HA!HA toooooooooooo funny! I Love it:)

  6. Susie,
    LOL!!! Your card is adorable!
    Fellow daughter of the King!

  7. Y'know, I always strongly encouraged my nieces and nephews to call me "wonderful Sharon". (okay, I wouldn't respond, unless they called me that...) 30 years later, I am still called that. The name stuck (I needn't explain why...). If you call my office and simply ask for "wonderful" they know exactly who it is, but if you ask for my full name, it will confuse them.

    I kinda' think our minds think alike....that's scary. So, Ms. Princess, nice card. Signed, Ms. Wonderful

  8. Hi Susie!

    I just love those *inside jokes* between friends which usually include made up words Ü Your story is hilarious!

    Love this stamp and card too!

  9. Hi! I have tagged you and if you would like to participate, go to my blog for all the details! I just love looking at your site!

  10. Perfect! Just enough bling, great paper, beautiful layout!

  11. Another Daughter of the King here!
    What a great card....I love that paper!!


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