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Monday, April 16, 2007

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Sound familiar? Or maybe you've seen it on the back of a Hooter's t-shirt? Well, I got to hear it in real life yesterday because I ended up going to the Samsung 500 NASCAR Race at Texas Motor Speedway!!! Eric was supposed to go with his dad, but his dad got sick (poor guy!--he had been looking forward to it for months!). That left Eric with 2 tickets. Even months ago when they got the tickets, I did not have any intention of going--it's really not my thing. But after Eric tried to give the extra one away to numerous friends and family, no one was able to make it on such short notice. So thanks to my wonderful "almost" brother-in-law, Michael (love you!), he offered to watch Lindsie and Audrie while he was home all day with their cousins, Carly and Carson and I ended up going with Eric to the race! He was thrilled that I got to go with him and I "humored" him the entire trip up there (only a few minutes from our house, but with race traffic, it took us about an hour and a half) and acted excited about it--haha!! I even took a couple of PaperCrafts magazines with me, thinking I'd be bored. But once we were there and finally made it to our seats (we missed Mercy Me singing the National Anthem--boo) on the back stretch in the sun (see I'm already using the lingo), it was VERY exciting!! It's nothing like watching it on TV. It's incredibly INCREDIBLY fast. You almost think it's surreal that there is actually a person in the car driving it! Of course we were only 7 rows up from the track, so it was SUPER loud and we could feel the breeze each time the cars went past us. (I think that was a car--it was a blur of color, oh yes, now that I see it's tail end, sure enough, it was a car!) So in order to muffle the sound, we wore our funny big earmuff racing headphone thingys, but even with them on, it still sounded like you were standing next to a freeway when they whizzed by. I really had a great time and would love to go again!! A couple of things that struck me as funny---while wearing your ginormous headphone thingys, like I said, you can hear the cars, but you can't hear anyone even yelling. So it was very funny to me to see the cars go by and look at the "silent" fans yelling at their favorite driver to "boogity, boogity, boogity"! All you picked up on was them going crazy raising their hands and yelling at the tops of their lungs, but in silence! Guess you had to be there. The other cute thing I saw was a boy about 8 years old, super happy to be there, holding up a sign of sorts. He had written "Go Jeff Gordon, #24, Go!!" on a school notebook in sharpie marker and held it up as the cars went by! Now, I don't think the driver saw it as he is going by at a gazillion miles an hour and I am sure we are as much a blur to him as he is to us. Just thought it was funny! I almost got a picture of him, but a car crashed right in front of us, just as he held it up. Who knows? Maybe he did see the sign and got distracted trying to read it as he whirled by. I wonder if God ever feels like he is holding a sign (big or small--it doesn't matter) over us saying, "Hey, remember me?", but we are going too fast in life to notice Him, and listen. We need to keep our headphones off and our eyes open for Him or we will surely crash and burn on our own if we don't.


  1. WOW! What a great analogy! I'm sure He does say "Why aren't you slowing down to read my sign?!" That is a FAB picture!

  2. I love your blog, Susie! I especially like the fact that you can tell that you are a Christian!! I loved what you said about having the earmuff thingy on at the Nascar Races! I think that is such a great comparison.....Thanks for sharing, and keep up the wonderful work for me to get inspired by!


  3. Susie -- I simply loved your narrative about your race track experiences!!! I took the liberty of sending it (picture and all) to Kerri, Vicki, Monica, Uncle Garner, and Ann Compagno. I hope you don't mind if a Mom shows off her daughter's talents.

  4. Sounds so fun! I love the races but have only been to Busch series, never NASCAR. I'm in Houston. I need to look up Watagua...must be near Dallas huh? Some of us Texas bloggers need to get together!

    Have a great day!

  5. Awesome being at the race track in person. One year I was fortunate enough to go twice! June & August at the MIS (Michigan International Speedway) and my driver won in June, Dale Jarrett, #88!


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