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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Perfect Carry-All

Well, a few of my friends have this running joke that I am the "container" queen! I never noticed before, but I always (according to them) seem to have the perfect this or that to hold or contain stuff; that I always am using something that is just the right size, just the right color, or just the right style to contain whatever it is and that said container usually fulfills it's purpose to a "T". For instance, when I have a party, I love for the theme to be incorporated into ALL aspects of it, including the serving pieces for the food and anything else I need to "contain". When I go to craft at my friend's house, I carry a tool caddy (the kind you put cleaning supplies in) and it's perfect for all my supplies--That sort of thing. Only recently did they point this quirk of mine out to me, and come to find out, it's true!! I LOVE organizational container-y things!!
The Container Store is a favorite hangout of mine, I must admit! Heck, the plastic storage isle at Target is even thrilling to me! So, because I signed up to go to the Arlington Stamp Day (shoebox swap--that I'm so excited about--thanks to the 'wonderful' Jen, genie1314), I HAD to have a little carry-all to tote around little extra supplies I might need from table to table. I looked all over the house, thinking I could come up with something I already had on-hand, but couldn't come up with anything that wasn't too bulky. Then I looked at Joann's online and lo and behold--the Perfect Carry-All!! It's by All My Memories and it's even pink and brown!! Obviously, I had to have it! It was only about $10 using my forty percent off coupon and including shipping!! It is pretty small, only about ten inches tall and about five inches square on the bottom, but it is SO CUTE (it does come in bigger sizes and bigger prices, if you prefer)!!! I even plan to make some sort of tag to "personalize" it and hang off that little ball chain that came with it. So one of my next projects is to come up with the card I will be taking to the swap and making the 45 kits I have to take along for everyone else--I've never done this before! Hmmmm...what to put each kit into? A fun treat bag? A ziploc bag? Or a decorated envelope? The Perfect Presentation is a must!! So if any of you are going to that fun stamp day here in Arlington, Tx, on April 28th, I'll be the one with the cute pink and brown Perfect Carry-All...You won't be able to miss me!!


  1. Are those totes not just the best thing ever? I have one just like it, except a little bigger - i love pink and brown together. Do you think that means since we have the same tote that my name will move up off the wait list soon? LOL Wouldn't that be great if I could see you this weekend?

  2. Very cute!!! I'll have to check them out. I don't have anything like this yet and it would be perfect. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  3. Ugh! I love this bag. I have been looking at it for quite some time now and can't find any reason that I "HAVE" to have it just yet. I'm trying really hard to find one (a reason) though.


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