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Monday, March 5, 2007

A Pause for the Cause....

Well, I am sure you noticed (or maybe you haven't) that I was MIA there for a bit! Too much life stuff getting in the way--I hate it when that happens! But really, at least it wasn't for any drama in the house, just needed to get caught up on a few things around here and I had a bunch of errands and such to take care of and a lot of proofing for the sports photography place I do work for here at the house for a little extra "crafting" income. Needless to say, I have been too tired to stay up and play! I haven't blogged since last Thursday, I think!! I was having withdrawels from it, so I knew I HAD to post something tonight. I thought I would share pictures of the wonderful cards we made at my mom's stamp-a-stack she had last weekend! It was really fun (as always) and she did a great job coming up with cards for us to make. I think my favorite one was the little piggies (even though I changed it up just a bit, because I had to leave early and forgot to stamp some of it while I was at her house!) Thanks, mommy!!! I hope to be back in the swing of things tomorrow--I have new fun things to tell ya'll about!!!


  1. Awesome cards! I would come to your Mom's Stamp a Stack! My favorites are the piggies as well.

  2. Gorgeous cards! My favorite is the happy Harmony card to stunning!

  3. hey sweetie! What great cards you made at your mom's stamp-a-stack! I know she was excited about it! :)

  4. I love, I love, I love. The pig card is just too cute. Great job Susan!!!!

  5. did you do the sentiment with karen foster snap stamps? what size is this one (on the piggy card). I think I'd like to put this set of stamps on my wish list, just need to know which size/font. I checked your SCS gallery, but didnt see it there. Thanks! mnhyrkas

  6. It's about time you posted something new! I check here daily for something great to read! The stamp a stack was great fun! Can't wait till next time.

  7. That "love" card is gorgeous. I have that set but haven't inked it. I need to do that this week on my spring break! Enjoy your girls!

    Amy in HOuston


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