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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More Stamping!

Wow! Don't fall over at your computers, my friends--yes, another post from me--2 days in a row!!! I told ya'll I had lots to share! This little card makes me happy. In a happy place is where I need to be right now. We just spent 850.00 on a new computer for one of our cars and now my car is in the shop and we are looking at an estimate of 2500.00 for it! My mechanic (who I love and have totally trusted for umpteen jillion years) told me it was unsafe to drive, that the wheels were literally about to fall off and cause us to be in a major accident (along with the front brakes being shot and a harness that holds the motor in the car busted, it is idling rough and oh, it needs an oil change and wiper fluid--what i took it in for)! So rather than take that chance, we will gladly pay the 2500.00 and be safe!! (Find a happy place, find a happy place--from that cute starfish in Finding Nemo--another all time favorite movie of mine!) Now ya'll must think I drive a beater, but really it's a very nice fully loaded '98 Expedition with only 85K miles on it! So when I was trying to decide what to post tonight, this is what I chose because it makes me happy!! I love the bright real red with the tempting turquoise and chocolate chip brown. The paper is from Recollections (of course) and is by Daisy D's. It's a baby form of a card I made for a blogger RAK that I can't show just yet, as it's a surprise for the recipient! I will post this card on SCS tomorrow for more info. and will post the other one a few posts from now.(see, I said I had a lot to share!) I am going to be a busy girl the next few days as I will be getting ready to go to Pine Cove out in Tyler for our church's ladies retreat (which I now need!). I'm getting very excited!! Send all your happy thoughts my way, so I won't feel so bad when I have to hand over our credit card to pay for those car repairs! It could be worse, right? Our God is BIG enough to take care of ALL of it!! We think that's a huge statement, but really, if God is who He says He is (and He IS), then why wouldn't we think He could handle even the smallest of situations? or the largest? If you think about it, check yourself and make sure you are not putting Him in a box. Kind of like that old joke--'Do you have Prince Albert (tobacco) in a can? If so, you better let him out!!! Let God out of that box and show Him you trust Him to take care of you in the big things and in the little things. He can do it ALL. (I'm still learning this one!) That car has God's hands all over it--I just know it!!


  1. This looks terrific...I love all this color!

  2. awesome card sus! I love everything about it! OMG ever since you told me about your car troubles the other day I have been thinking about you! I hope they get it all fixed so you can drive SAFELY! :)

  3. you get an AMEN from me girl.
    And I love the card.
    ...shootin' arrows at you.

  4. Right on Susie! Blessing come in all sizes and shapes...even when we THINK they are a'll see in hindsight that He actually saved ya from a bigger mess!! LOOOOVE this card...daisy is awesome, paper is gorgeous! and Love that ribbon too ;o) Hugs!

  5. I love this card too! Beautiful colors and dp. Your cards are all really, really beautiful!

    Have a great day Ü


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