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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Have Been Stamping, REALLY!

I know ya'll must think I'm a big loser and never stamp anymore, much less post to SCS or this here blog. I must admit, I have been a bit lax about the latter two, but REALLY--I have been stamping! My personality is such that I want to tell all of ya'll about everything all at one time (It's called George Bushing--remember when he threw up at some high-falutin' dinner all over that other guy?--that would be me when I have something to say!). However, it's hard for me to do that and have to "piece meal" it to you, one post at a time in "blogform" in order to keep you updated, but not too long of a read (I'm bad enough as it it, don't you think?). Therefore, I do nothing because then I can't decide what to post first, because I am so excited about ALL of it!! Kind of works that way for me when the house gets to be a mess. I don't know where to start, so I do nothing!! Someone please give me a kick in the pants! Sometimes I need a little kickstart! Thanks to Sharon in NE, that's just what I got (really, thanks, Sharon--hugs!) and it's just what I needed!! If you will remember, I asked ya'll to send me kitty images so that I would not be leaving all the feline lovers out in the cold after I did the dog card using my Cuttlebug. I got these fun Cat's Pajamas image RAKS from her (so actually, I guess I didn't even stamp these after all!) and she sort of challenged me to do something offbeat and retro (not my usual cutesy-chic)! This is what I came up with so far!
They are wonky sizes: the what's new is 3 1/4 x 3 3/4 and opens on the left side and the hi 5 is 5 1/4 x 3 5/8. Why? I couldn't tell you, that's just how i cut the paper and I was using some scraps to begin with. The dotted paper is from SU and yes, I still own Groovy Lines background stamp. I used to think it was so COOL!! Anyway, I am finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel for my "have to" stamping, and am having fun just playing with whatever comes to mind! Stay tuned (I know--you've heard that before), REALLY--I have lots to share!!!


  1. I asked you to step out of your comfort zone and you STILL did an incredible job. Such talent. I am SO impressed.

    sniff sniff So proud...Sprinkles just looks so esteemed sitting there.

    Nice work. Just can't throw you off your game, can I? Thanks make me proud.

  2. Sus - these are great cards! I was checking your blog everyday and wondering why the heck I wasn't seeing something new! LOL Well, I have talked to you a few times, so I wasn't worried something happened to you :) I read the post you put on Laura's blog and I am still laughing - you crack me up! BTW have we started a countdown yet for Arlington? lol

  3. Hi there! These are cute! I have had 2 cats for about 11 yrs. now and still don't own ANY cat stamps!! You did a great job on the "retro" here. Thanks for comment on my caribbean chocolate card, and YES...the ribbon is brown & white gingham. I got it at my local scrapping store. But I have to admit, I'm a sucker for polka-dotted ribbon!! Ok...gingham ranks pretty high up there too!! Lol!

  4. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I've heard that one before...J/K!!! Hey, I do the same thing with my house. When it gets messy and I don't know where to start; I do nothing...LOL! I love your cards. They are just too cute. Don't leave us hanging (although I completely understand). I love visiting your blog daily and seeing what new things you have been up to.


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