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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Here Kitty Kitty!!!

Well, after posting this little doggie, I am so excited to have had a request (challenge?) to make a kitty card by a faithful fan. Sharon in NE wrote:

I love the dog, but you need to be about a card with a cool cat like Sprinkles from The Cats Pajamas or one of those types. I love the retro look and want to see what you'd do what that.

However, I don't have that particular stamp (but I do have some very cool retro paper I am itching to use), much less any other kitty stamps other than Cool Cat from SU, and I am a little bored with him. So here's the deal: If any of ya'll have any kitty stamps, (I would love the Cat's Pajamas one or some Fluffles), but not Cool Cat, I would love a few I-RAK's (Image RAK's-you just stamp the image for me on paper and mail it)! If the image is "color-able" please stamp it in StazOn ink on good white or off-white cardstock, or if it's a filled-in image, any color will do. Just email me and let me know if you are willing to send somthing along with your name, SCS name (if any) and bloglink (if any), using the link at the right and I will send you my address for mailing. If you send me the images, and I use them for a card, I will of course post it here and mention you and your SCS gallery and/or blogsite on here.
I think this will be quite fun to see what I can come up with using your images!! Thanks for sharing and playing!! And thanks, Sharon for the inspiration to include our little kitties along with the dog-loving world! I actually like cats more than dogs anyway and would love to have one, but I am highly allergic to them!
Scat, cat!


  1. So very sweet, I love this card!

  2. I have some Sprinkle stamps that I could send...why don't you e-mail me at and I will send them your way...

  3. Ok, do tell, how do I use this die set cuttlebug thing a ma jig?

    I'm getting a cuttlebug for my birthday, but other than the embossing folders, I have no idea how to operate it.

    Can you help out a fellow dog lovin' stamper?


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