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Friday, March 30, 2007

Can You Imagine?

Well, I thought these little preggo lady cards were perfect to show ya'll today. My sister is pregnant with a boy, due June 28th (I think--sorry, Sara) and another friend of mine just found out she is having a little girl after already having a houseful of 3 boys! whew!! But how about finding out you are pregnant and already 27 weeks along!??!! NOT ME!! Just a story I heard of a lady who is!!! WOW!! That's only 3 months to prepare, if that!! I would be very excited, but nervous at the same time, hoping I could get everything that a new baby brings done!! What a little miracle baby that one is going to be!!
I will be leaving to go to Pine Cove here in a little bit, but just wanted to share that real quick and say goodbye!! I will be back on Sunday and will try to post that evening, depending on how tired I am!! I have several blogger RAKS that are to die for to show until then, check out some of the fun blogs I have to the right, yes, over there, you found 'em!! If you don't see your name and would like me to include your blog there, or if you link to mine, let me know and I will "hook you up"!!!


  1. Gorgeous cards! Just wondering how you made the dresses for the preggo ladies...Did you cut out paper or colour those polka dots on!!!!

  2. I love the patterned paper you used with these cards and the paper piecing is great. I have this stamp and have only used it once. Maybe I'll have to use it again, since my best friend is due with a boy June 1st. Have a great weekend Susan.

  3. Awesome Possum girlie!! Love those preggo girls. I haven't been able to find those at Michael's, but I did get some saying ones. Man, you drive an hour away and still can't find your $1 finds that everyone's getting!! Lol! Hope you had a SUPER DUPER weekend!! Can't wait to see your terrific RAK's. Hugs!

  4. Hey Susie - these cards look great! I'd be tickled to see my link on your list if you find it 'worthy'. :) I'm subscribed to you via bloglines and enjoy looking at your work. Have a good weekend!

    (dini from SCS)

  5. Super cute...great work with the preggo stamp!

  6. i love these cards sus! They are just too cute! aren't those michael's stamps just wonderful?!

  7. Totally cute!! I have that stamp and have only used it once. I am going to pull it out and try something new. You have inspired me!

  8. Cute cards - speaking of not knowing you are pregnant - I found out I was pregnant in my fourth month and it doesn't give you much time to prepare!!!

  9. The cards are so great! June 28th is the perfect day to have a baby! *wink* That's my b-day!

  10. I like you and would love to be linked here.

    I love these cards.

    We have a friend at church who found out she was pregnant WHEN SHE WENT INTO LABOR! She said she suddenly felt super crazy sick and couldn't stand or anything and she went to the ER and had her baby there! YIKES.

  11. These preggo-girls are just too cute, Susie! I have some thank-you's to get out and I have this stamp, so I'm feeling a case comin' on!


  12. hey Susan, love your blog. Glad you got my card and I just got my ATC swap back, I love your swap. TFS



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