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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We Have a Winner!

Well, the girls are all in bed now, so this is when I can finally sit down and gather my thoughts regarding the day, and just in case you are wondering, you have not won these hangers--read on, my friends. I actually thought I would get to this a little earlier, but I decided to go through some of my littlest girls clothes starting at about 4 pm this afternoon. Oh MY!! Definitely an "if you give a mouse a cookie" ordeal!! Her closet was so FULL, we could not hang one more piece of clothing in there. Plus, I found clothes I had forgotten about--2 tubs full--out in the garage, and there was another one waiting to be opened from my sister in the living room. BUT, just as I was going through everything and realizing the child had outgrown most of it or hadn't quite grown into some and we would be needing to purchase a lot for the spring and summer (she's had a major growth spurt, that little thang!), my neighbor from down the street, who is moving on Saturday (more than sad), called to see if I would like to have a bunch of her daughter's clothes that would now fit Audrie for the spring and summer!! How cool is that?!? Once again, God to the rescue, Amen? He's pretty quick sometimes, but sometimes we play the waiting game don't we? Well, no more waiting for you to find out who won the blog candy contest:
ALEXIS RIDGWAY--your prayers have been answered, too!!!
Here's what she had to say:
I subscribe to your blog and love your cards!I think I spend more time reading blogs and checking SCS out than I do actually stamping! How bad is that? That mini composition notebook is just calling out to be altered..which I would like to try out!
So, Ms. Ridgway, please email me (find the link to the right) and send me your address and I will get this fun stuff out in the mail to you!!
Well 65 of you posted comments about the blog candy--wow--and I quit counting how many actually decided to take the plunge and subscribe--double wow!! I am truly happy to have heard from all of ya'll and I look forward to getting to know you better in the future through this fun new hobby!! I read every single comment. As far as my poll on what you liked the most about my blog and the candy---I think it was an overwhelming majority that loved the Olive Velvet ribbon! I picked that up at Recollections, so ya'll run out and get it now, before it's all gone! As far as what you liked about the blog itself? I couldn't believe it, but a lot of you said not only the fun creations, but mostly how I share my faith openly. I can't tell you how much that means to me to be affirmed like that. Just last Sunday, our pastor used a quote from a good friend of his--'What you do is what you believe. Everything else is just talk.' I am still examining my heart to see if I consistently follow this motto. After hearing from you guys, I may at least be headed in the right direction. Are YOU just talking, or do your words speak for who you really are, what you really believe, and what you really do? Still doin' the math on that one......Don't be a stranger!!


  1. Reading your blog, particularly the last few sentences took me...45 minutes to an hour. I read it over and over trying to digest it and then apply it to my life. Bottom line: I believe my words (and actions) do speak for who I really am, however, I clearly need to do more of this: “Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you.” hmmm.....a little soul-searching with my love of rubba'...nice. Thanks.

  2. Woohooo, I was picked! I never win anything! THANK YOU!!!! I emailed you my addy! Can't wait to get my hands on that mini notebook!!

  3. Hey there Susan! If you want to get rid of those hangers, send them my way! I need'em lol.




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