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Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentines Coaster Box

Well, I know it looks like I am the last one to jump on the bandwagon of making these, but I have actually had it made for quite a while. I was hoping to have time to make more, but what you see is what you get!! It's a little too plain for me, but it was fun and easy peasy to make! You can get a full tutorial here on splitcoast, although you probably have already made your batch of these and have moved on to bigger and better things! I still need to make more Valentine's cards for my husband and kids--maybe. Hubby likes them, but the kids don't really care; they just want the candy!!! Then Lindsie has her school party on Friday and I need to decide what and if I will be taking any goodies for her class and she and I need to sit down and make her Valentines box. Anyone have any ideas? I remember when I was in school, all the cool kids covered theirs with foil and stickers. Do they still do that?
Where has all the time gone? I have several things going on all at once over here, but the end is in sight and I will be able to post more frequently again. It was all I could do to finish Thank You cards for my birthday party, and now I am working on the Valentine's stuff mentioned above, a lunchbox for a friend, other cards (that I HAVE to make) and something else very special that I am super excited about and that you will be hearing about SOON!!! And all the while doing all that, new ideas popping in my head left and right!! ACK!! Make it stop!! Not really, it's what actually keeps me sane, I think!!

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