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Friday, February 2, 2007

I Had a Birthday!!!

Yes, in case you've all been wondering where I've been (or even if you haven't), I was not at CHA (though I WISH--how do I get in on that gig?), I had a birthday party last weekend! Then my actual birthday was Tuesday, the 30th, therefore, I was officially taking a week off from things that needed my attention (laundry, cleaning, organizing, and even crafting)! A princess can milk it, right? I've only been 40 for 3 days now, and hooray! I am not feeling any older--YET!!! That will soon catch up with me as I will be busting my tail getting things back in order from taking a week off here at the house!! The washer and dryer are probably wondering where that crazy lady that leans in and coaxes them into working properly has been! I hope they don't decide to go on strike! Anyway, the party was FABULOSO!! The best ever! My two best friends in the whole wide world put together a party for me at Recollections which is the coolest scrapbooking/papercrafting store and my personal favorite place to just "be". All my friends were there to celebrate my milestone and we all made a very neat altered canvas using basic grey papers and embellishments! Hopefully I will have a pic tomorrow--my oldest daughter has the digital tonight! I was showered with love and gifts and truly felt like a princess!!! The photo above was captured and used as the first page of a surprise photo album that Sheila put together. It had a picture of me with each one of my friends (I went "on tour" around the craft table at the party and she had me pose with everyone--had no clue as to why she was doing this, but now I know!) Then inside with each person's photo, there is a little blurb that they sent to her ahead of time telling about me and each one of our unique friendships we share. I am starting to cry right now, it's so cool!! I can't tell you how much it means to me!! It was the best gift ever! Anyway, enough mushy stuff! I will be working on Thank You cards all weekend (by the way, it was mentioned that everyone felt pressure buying or making my birthday cards! what? does this ever happen to you? I don't understand it, but it is flattering!) and I am looking forward to getting to play again.
Other news--I listed my first thing on Ebay and it sold!!! I can't believe it!! Now I just have to figure out how to get the payment from PayPal to my account?!?!? Will be headed to the post office tomorrow, so I can have positive feedback!! teehee.
Thanks for checking in on me and the beginning of my new decade! I will have more creative things to post tomorrow!! ((HUGS))!!!!


  1. Happy belated birthday to you! I love your blog & your sense of humor.

  2. What a DOLL !! You look sooo cute in that shirt .. Hey I really have no clue how I stubbled on to your awesome blog But I have seen you have me listed as a link on your blog .. OH MY thank you for such an honor girlie... I am off to add your blog link to mine as well .. The more blogger friends the Better right ? RIGHT! Happy Belated birthday girlie ..
    Happy Stampin GF
    Dawn Griffith

  3. Happy Birthday! You ARE fabulous! Love your blog baby!

  4. Congratulations...I'm a few days late, but my well wishes for a happy birthday are good until your next birthday! Love your blog...keep up the good work...and remember, LIFE BEGINS AT 40! :)

  5. Happy Birthday to you Susan! Looks like you had a wonderful time at your birthday bash! Have a great day!

  6. YEA!! Woohoo!! I could only HOPE to look that good when I'm 40 {only another 6 yrs!} You look FAB. You have such wonderful friends to throw you such a great meaningful birthday. You are richly blessed!!

    Yeah! I hope I look that good to when I'm 40 AGAIn :}

  8. happy Birthday!!! OMG I LOVE Recollections... so much so that I even worked there. But alas I ended up spending more than I made. LOL

    Have a great year. :)


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