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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How Much is that Doggy in the Window?

Yes, I couldn't help myself today at JoAnn's. I saw the doggy and just couldn't resist it any longer! It's a die cut for my Cuttlebug that I didn't know I needed! But I have been having this vision of him pieced together like this for a while now and then I saw a card with him on it on SCS here and (doggie) slobbered all over it! I had to cut an ivory set, a red set and a chocolate chip set and then put him all together! You can't really see it in the picture, but I pierced the brown vertical strip along both edges. The scallop circle and the white circle are from my blogging friend, Laura Leonard (woohoo!). No stamping was involved on the card--sorry. I tried, but I didn't have the *perfect* thing (out of all my 70 stamp sets-can you believe that?) to do as a background or just even a little accent! Sounds like I need to do a little shopping! In fact, when I was at JoAnn's today, I was talking to another customer in there at the cuttlebug display ({imagine that! me, striking up a convo with a perfect stranger! ha!} about how READY I am for them to get new stuff in!) and she said the cricut machine (not the cuttlebug) is being revamped to handle 12 X 12 paper and to cut up to that size and it is supposed to cost around $600--can that be right?! I do not have one as of yet, but this will be BIG!! I did order the bloom dots and heart blocks folders today off of ebay and YAY!! It's always fun knowing something is headed your way in the mail, isn't it!?! This card's already spoken for, but I plan to get very busy very soon sending out RAKs to the Blogger RAK club!! As for my big's some answers to ya'll's questions from the comments I have recieved--Not blog candy (all the shopping today was for ME!), not a new header (I wish I could afford one or that I was smarter than the average bear and could do it myself), and not a new pair of blingy underwear giveaway (Kendra!)--but that's an idea, and I am not pregnant (40-remember?). I guess it's a bigger deal to me than it would be to ya'll, but I want ya'll to share in my excitement! The announcement will be made March 1st!! Don't be a stranger!


  1. SUSAN that card is ADORABLE! I love that little doggy - isn't he sweet?!! who cares if you didn't do any stamping that card is dabomb! :) We have to wait until tomorrow to find out the big surprise? that is just wrong LOL I have an idea - how about the big surprise, PLUS the blingy underwear! *teehee* oh and yes I AM NUMBER UNO on the list - I'm thrilled! Hugz Ms. Fancy Pants

  2. I love the dog, but you need to be about a card with a cool cat like Sprinkles from The Cats Pajamas or one of those types. I love the retro look and want to see what you'd do what that.

  3. OMG!! This is too cute. You really did need that die-cut!! :)

  4. YEAH!! *jumping up and down* YOU GOT ONE!! Oh, ya know girl I'm so jealous now!! I really want a cuting die for my CB. (especially that horse that you and I saw!!) OK...this is tooo cute!! You've GOTTA see what I just made today...No freakin' way. We were toadally thinking along the same lines (except I used punches!) :0) You rock! and yes, I'm feelin' better today ;) CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU'VE GOT TOMORROW!! I'll be excited for you no matter what it is. I get excited over little things!! H-5

  5. So sweet, now i think i need this die cut. Oh No.


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