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Friday, February 23, 2007

Does This Make Me Crazy?

The other day, a friend of mine was asking if I had ever heard of some radio DJ's here locally doing a show on the air called, "Does This Make Me Crazy?". Well, I couldn't say that I had, but I got the whole gist of the show. Now I am trying to remember how it went: People called in and asked a weird question regarding a habit or something they do frequently to find out what others thought about the subject and if it made them crazy or not! There is even a silly little song they made up to accompany it. Maybe other radio affiliates play something similar where you are?? ANYWAY, for some reason, I got to thinking about it today...Here's my question: Does it make me crazy that when I buy something, I look at it for what it is, but then also at if I could alter it, or if something fell off, what could I salvage off of it, and even the packaging--could I use it on a card? Here's what I know: Tonight I bought a new Swiffer Wet Jet (my old one bit the dust--no pun intended!). As I was opening it, I wondered if I could actually use the little plastic baggies that each piece was wrapped in. Could I use the clear plastic "window" stuff on the box? What if I cut the box up for faux chipboard? Ugh!! I just put the whole thing in the trash. It gets better: (this may be a little TMI, but if you're offended, don't read it!) I recently HAD to buy new underwear. I had a mall gift certificate, so I headed on down to Victoria's Secret. Found the ones I liked--they have rhinestones on them surrounding the word "pink" on the back! They are super cute and very fun! Seriously, my first thought was this--when they wear out, I can pick those off of there and put them on a card!!!! So I HAD to have them!!! Does this make me crazy?? (Now next time one of you lucky readers gets a card from me with a little bling on it, you're going to wonder where they've been--ha!)


  1. All I have to say is "YES" it DOES MAKE YOU CRAZY!! Hee! Hee!! Seriously? You really thought that about the underwear? I think that definately qualifies as crazy! Hugs! s

  2. Susan that is sooooo hilarious! i love that story and yes it does make you crazy, but in that great "i'm a stamping addict" way! LOL

  3. You are TOOOO FUNNY! I am LMBO at you, probably because I can relate and I don't think I am crazy so NO you are resourseful not crazy. Thanks for the laugh!

  4. Now THAT made me laugh out loud!!

    I often ask my husband, do you think I could use this {holds up strange piece of trash from packing material} on somethings?

    so silly

  5. What a hoot!! Yes, you're crazy! But it's crazy for cards. We all have to have something we are crazy about. You have an artists eye and see your craft everywhere around you. Besides it would be a boring world if we all weren't a little crazy, don't you think? Okay now I've gotten some really great inspirations. Rhinestones you say?


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